Why is piercing popular again: pros and cons of piercing

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Piercing is fashion again

Fashionable ideas for new types of piercing

Different people have different attitude to piercing. In the history of humanity there were times when people were mad about it but then disguised it and even forgot about it. Today we can see that it’s extremely popular again.


In the nineties piercing was popular among fashionable youth, later it became a distinctive feature of different subcultures and finally it was forgotten till better days. At the same time, this body decoration has its own advantages and disadvantages and trends, of course!

Pros and Cons of piercing

Piercing is a great way of self-expression and decorating your body. At the same time, it might take you a lot of time and efforts. First of all, you should find a good salon with a good piercer. Then you should follow all the recommendations you’re given by professionals and take constant care of your piercing. Moreover, you should opt for high quality jewelry suitable for your type of piercing.

That’s why you should think twice before making a final decision.

Popular types of piercing


Types of piercing

At the same time we can’t but agree that piercing is a beautiful kind of body decoration. A tiny ring in your ear or a stud in your nose can make you absolutely happy.

Ear piercing

One of the most popular trends in ear piercing is industrial piercing. An earring in the shape of heart looks amazing.
Ear piercing is the best idea for those who want to pierce some part of the body for the first time. Moreover, in some cases it might look really cool.

Nose piercing

Nose piercing is still popular today. It doesn’t look as repulsive as it did in 1990s.

Belly button piercing

Navel piercing, which scares us so gynecologists also looks very cool. But, as we already know, before pregnancy it should be removed.

Nipple piercing

Nipple piercing also looks cool especially if you insert some of the jewelry offered in our online store. You can always buy high quality nipple barbells at low prices. But if you are planning pregnancies you’d better take all the decorations out of your nipple(also as navel piercing).


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