Energetic vampires – who are they?

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Energetic vampires - who is this?

All you wanted to know about energetic vampires

What do you imagine when you hear the word “vampire”? Is it a pale creature with sharp teeth and strange eating habits? But this image has no relation to the so called “energetic vampires”. Energetic vampires are people who have a lack of energy and they use energy of other people to refill themselves. Why are energetic vampires dangerous and how can you recognize them and protect yourselves? Let’s consider the issue in details.

How can you recognize a vampire?

Those who like horror films would say that any vampire has got sharp teeth and is usually scared of daylight. At the same time, it’s quite easy to recognize an energetic vampire though their signs are not so obvious. Energetic vampires can be divided onto three main groups. Each of these groups has their own characteristics.

There are vampires who always complain. They are constantly telling other people about their problems and failures. In this way they try to give their negative energy to other people. You can easily recognize these people by their sad faces and rare smiles.

There are vampires who are very aggressive. They are always ready to quarrel with the people who surround them and this process makes them extremely happy. Any trifle can make them feel angry or envious. Your new dress, shoes or even earrings can cause their jealousy. The best earrings for your piercing you can always buy with us, our jewellery with excellent energy and it will protect you (it's be protection for you from negatives effects). Come to our website and choose the best tragus labret studs ever.

There are vampires who enjoy taking care of other people. They are too nosy and they always try to help other people even if they don’t need this.

How can you protect yourself from vampires?

So, now you know how to recognize a vampire. The next step is to protect yourself from this category of people. At first, you can feel tired or irritated. Then you can fall ill. If you want to protect yourself, you should communicate with this person as seldom is possible. But if this is impossible, you shouldn’t pay attention to all the bad words this person says and take everything as a joke. When a vampire realizes you are energetically stronger than he, he will gradually lose interest in you.


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