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Even their names are unusual. But do we want to be on trend all the time? So, every forty will happily deal with these new definitions! Let's start!



It would seem, that in the art of fashion jewelry already have been defined the basic forms of earrings like, for example, cartilage earrings. And no experiments on the horizon is planned... but designers constantly generate the new ideas. And today we can enjoy the fireworks of solutions and shapes because there are new and new versions of earrings. Even their names are not accustomed to our ear. But do we want to be on trend? So, every forty has to deal with these new definitions! Let's start!

Cuffs - subculture, adapted for all

A cuff is a fashion trend, a native of spectacular subcultures. And yes, it can be worn without punctures, because it literally hugs the ear from the top or from the side. A modest «wire» with a bright stone, tragus cuff earrings, or another tragus cuff that accompanies you everywhere are all great ones. Sometimes designers decide to complicate them, adding chains, studs (like rose gold tragus stud), magical three-dimensional pattern.

Climbers are synonym of uniqueness

Cute and unusual climbers - earrings, so named from the English word «climb» means climbing. They are thin and elegant and literally «climb» up the lug like a snake. And such earring is fixed at the top.

«Front-to-back» for trendy look

«Front-to-back» are earrings on both sides. The most popular fashion jewelry in this format represents sensational pearls Mise En Dior. These women jewelry are combined from two parts, one of which is mounted on a nail behind the lobe. They also include stud earrings. Did you hear about nose studs? They are also very popular! Choose an opal nose stud on our jewelry website and be on trend!

There are multiple variations of such jewelry like glass cones with balls inside, and even a real fur. In general, thanks to the efforts in design, we can adorn themselves with incredible materials!

Mono means unusual

Mono-earrings: the lack of a pair. It's a new trend to wear one earring or a combination of the two ones, completely different from each other.

Designers believe that earrings should attract the attention by their colors, shapes, and sizes. And, in order not to overload the look, designers recommend to wear them by one. Why isn't it your personal way to express yourself?

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