Tongue piercing – peculiarities of the procedure and after care

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Tongue piercing  - bottom view

Fashionable ideas for new types of piercing

Tongue piercing is probably one of the most unusual ways of body decoration in the modern world. Fashion experts say the popularity of tongue piercing is growing fast day by day. Do you know much about tongue piercing? If not, let’s discuss the matter in details together.


The most common kind of tongue piercing is a vertical one (a bar is put into your tongue). However there are lots of other kinds of this body decoration. For example, a bar can be put horizontally, or a piercer may use a ring and place it on the tip of your tongue. Some piercing fans can even make several punctures in their tongues.


Why do people make tongue piercing?

The majority of people who choose this type of body decoration want to impress other people and express themselves. In some cases it is just a tribute to fashion or following some idols. You’d probably be surprised but lots of people get tongue piercing done for reasons that have nothing to do with sex.


Tongue piercing - example


How is tongue piercing made?

The main thing you should do is to find a highly professional piercing master. There are arteries on the underside of your tongue, and an inexperienced person may accidentally damage them. This might cause heavy bleeding that is difficult to stop. Piercing should be done in salons that are licensed to perform this procedure.

Don’t forget that tongue piercing is a rather painful procedure. It is usually made without any anesthesia. But if everything is ok, you’ll forget about pain very quickly. Immediately after the puncture, a long barbell is inserted into the tongue. They do this because tongue might swell. But you'll likely go back to the piercer to get a shorter barbell once the swelling has gone down. If you hesitate which decoration to choose for your tongue piercing, come to our website and our consultants will help you find the tongue barbell of your dream.


Tongue piercing - front view


How long does tongue piercing heal?

The healing time will depend on the person, the care, and the amount of swelling. In general, the healing period takes two to four weeks after getting them done. A piercing will usually be fully healed within eight weeks. Most are healed before that, but, again, it depends on you.

Frenulum piercing

This under-tongue piercing or web piercing is located underneath the tongue on the frenulum. The frenulum is a fold of mucous membrane that connects the underside of your tongue to the floor of the mouth. They usually use a curved or a circular barbell.

Tongue piercing aftercare

Before piercing is completely healed, the wound should be carefully looked after. You should rinse your mouth at least twice a day with some antiseptic. At the same time you shouldn’t eat hard, cold, hot, sour, bitter, spicy or salty food.

You should also forget about alcohol. It increases the healing time of tongue piercing. Be prepared you might lose weight, because you’ll experience some kind of discomfort in the process of eating. In addition, you might have some problems with diction. You shouldn’t also attempt to remove or change your tongue ring. A tongue piercing can close within seconds of being removed. Remember: oral piercings heal and shut very quickly!

However, all inconvenience will pass as soon as puncture heal - follow the care instructions you are given in a beauty salon and everything will be ok.


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