How to choose the most suitable birthstone?

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Every stone is full of mystery. It can become a powerful amulet for its possessor, but people should be aware of choosing a wrong stone because it can hurt them and make their lives hard. It would be great if you do not forget about a few simple rules when you choose either a gem as your lucky charm or some jewelry which is decorated with gemstones. Correctly selected precious and semiprecious stones accumulate the energy of a person in order to help the owner in difficult moments. It is recommended that a selected stone should be worn constantly.

Sometimes it happens that a gemstone is your perfect birthstone and other people admire the gem but you do not like it. Do not buy and do not wear it if you already have such a gem! This is not your amulet! If you want it to become a powerful charm, you must love it.

Do not buy jewelry in pawnshops. The jewelry may be stolen or it may contain energy of its former possessor. In this case jewels will bring you only problems.

It is a bad idea to buy gems with defects in the form of spots or cracks. They have negative energy.

You may find an unexpected crack on the mineral and it indicates that the gemstone has protected you from a disaster. You cannot wear it anymore.


  • If you have chosen your birthstone correctly, then it has the following qualities:
  • it makes the owner invulnerable to negative energy;
  • it fortifies the immune system, protects against diseases;
  • it develops innate abilities and the best traits;
  • it attracts wealth and luck to the owner;
  • it enhances the ability to feel danger.


If you know which stone is the most suitable, you will be able to pick up your talisman which will protect you from negative energy and give good luck throughout your life. If you want to give a jewel as a present, be careful and study the information about different stones thoroughly to choose the best one.

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