Star Signs and Stones

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Have you ever thought about the fact that there is a strong connection between zodiac signs and jewels? If not, then stay with us and we will tell you everything about this and you will learn how to pick up the stone which can make your life better. Every precious and semiprecious stone has its own energy field which affects a person. In this article we will figure out what kind of jewelry you can use without harming yourself and other people and what gemstones you need to buy in order to strengthen your positive personality traits and avoid unfavorable situations.

A little bit of history

Since ancient times and to the present days astrologers have been arguing that every jewel refers to a certain sign of the Zodiac. Therefore at all times it was recommended to wear jewelry with the stone which corresponds with its owner’s date of birth.

The importance of stones for the signs of the zodiac was formed gradually, not one millennium passed before people linked the properties of gems with particular constellations. In 1912 the Congress of the National Association of Jewelers accepted the list of stones in accordance with the astrological signs.
More than one gem can be associated with each star signs. According to different sources, this number sometimes reaches several dozen depending on what day you were born. However, there are gems which are suitable for all representatives of a particular sign.


Aries: March 21 – April 19

The best gemstone for Aries is diamond. Diamond is a stone of victory and strength, its name comes from the Greek word "adamas" which means “indestructible”, and that is a very true characteristic of Aries. Diamond gives energy and luck for victories; it increases perseverance and personal leadership, especially in moments of weakness. Diamond protects Aries from outbursts of anger. You should take into consideration that this gem has powerful energy that can harm the owner if his or her spiritual qualities or thoughts do not correspond to the purity of the stone.

Ruby is also a good choice for Aries as it increases its owner’s generosity and compassion; it helps to cope with heartache and restore lost interest in life. It is interesting to know that ruby can warn you about danger by changing its color. It protects from negative stuff and gives fertility to women. However, you should take into account that it is a stone of pure thoughts. You can find excellent ruby jewelry on our site.
Aries can choose amethyst as a talisman. If you put it under the pillow before going to bed, it helps to get rid of diabolical temptations. Amethyst eliminates bad thoughts. This stone is avoided by reptiles and snakes and the same is with human beings – it can protect you from mean people. The power of amethyst helps a person to find peace and inner harmony. This marvelous amethyst watch can be a perfect choice for you: Amethyst Apple Watch Strap & Amethyst Apple Watch Band 38mm - 42mm


Taurus: April 20 – May 20

The most suitable gem for Taurus is sapphire which is one of the most beautiful stones in the world. It is a symbol of fidelity, chastity and modesty. It brings happiness for people in love and protects women from slander. It is believed that sapphire helps with a heart disease, asthma and neuralgia.
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Taurus is associated with blue turquoise. Since ancient times it has been considered a talisman which helps in love affairs. In the East there was a custom to put turquoise in the cradle of a newborn girl to make her happy and lucky. Among other things, turquoise can help you to have a harmonious relationship in the family and it attracts money.

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Gemini: May 21 – June 21

A proper stone for Gemini is agate. One of the most important properties of agate is how eloquent it makes its owner. In addition, this jewel gives energy and protects from the evil eye. It is widely stated that agate has the ability to protect people from disease and even to prolong a person's life.

Beryl, another great gem for Gemini, helps them to achieve what they want, get the job done and solve problems successfully. It is a talisman for people who want to have a successful career. It is also believed that this birthstone can improve the relationship between family members.

Gemini may also choose topaz. It helps with physical and nervous exhaustion as it reduces stress. People who suffer from mental illnesses and insomnia really need this gemstone. Topaz fortifies the immune system and protects against infections.

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Cancer: June 22 – July 22

One of the best birthstones for Cancer is emerald. It gives Cancers the ability to control their emotions and not let the negative ones win. This stone calms in moments of nervous tension, relieves melancholy and sadness, brings fun and joy into life. Emerald is a powerful amulet; people should take it with them in long trips. Do not forget that it can attract wealth.

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Chrysoberyl, which is sometimes called “cat's eye", is significant for Cancers. It helps them to become strong and socially successful. "Cat's Eye" gives Cancer the ability to get rid of their shortcomings, pessimism and the influence of black-hearted people.

Moonstone is also very important for this star sign. It has the property to attract love in its owner’s life. It helps to make reasonable decisions in difficult situations.

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Leo: July 23 – August 22

Leos are perfectly suited for stones of yellow color: amber, chrysolite and topaz.

It was scientifically proved that amber acid is a good bio stimulator. It has antitoxic and anti-stress abilities. If you put some pieces of amber under your pillow, they help to get rid of insomnia.

Chrysolite is a beautiful semiprecious stone of a yellowish green color. Chrysolitis improves Leos’ relationship with surrounding people, helps to be more pleasant and at the same time stronger, reveals hidden talents.

Topaz, a yellow transparent stone, can be a perfect astrological birthstone for Leos. It may help to hit it off with your boss. Its influence allows you to understand the intentions of your enemies. This jewel can give you the ability to avoid negative thoughts and attract positive ones. It is believed that this amulet is good for women and men. It helps women to save their beauty for a long time, and it adds wisdom for men.


Virgo: August 23 – September 22

Chrysolite, jasper and jade are wonderful birthstones for Virgos. To make these talisman stones to be really powerful, they must be set in silver or platinum. Chrysolite increases the attractiveness of Virgos in society. It helps in learning, getting new useful knowledge and intellectual development.

Jasper gives Virgo strength and ability to live in peace with others, especially with family members. Jasper makes the Virgos who are too talkative and boring more wise and pleasant. This stone does not allow to criticize everything that Virgos do not like, it teaches them to be more tolerant.

Jade has an endless number of values. This stone gives wisdom and true friendship. It helps people who are in love but, unfortunately, can’t live together to save and keep their love. Jade protects against different diseases and from the evil eye. In the Middle Ages beads made of jade were worn by people suffering from migraine, kidney disease, and poor eyesight.


Libra: September 23 – October 22

The most suitable precious stone for Libra is opal. It is a stone of friendship. If you have this gem it will be easier for you to make friends. It is worth mentioning that opal stimulates your brains and therefore your intellectual level becomes better. With the help of the gem you can get rid of gloomy thoughts. Such an amulet can become an excellent antidepressant. In addition, opal helps to find love and guarantees success in business.

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Aquamarine helps Libras to go through mood swings easily. Aquamarine has been considered the stone of lovers since ancient times. This is the best gift of the groom to the bride as it guarantees his fidelity.

Coral can also become a strong talisman. Although it resembles opal properties, they still have some differences. Coral develops intuition and rational thinking. Coral is the most powerful amulet against all kinds of negative thoughts and actions. There is one more positive thing about Coral – it is beneficial to the digestive system and skin condition.


Scorpio: October 23 – November 21

The birthstones for Scorpios are aquamarine, garnet and alexandrite.

Aquamarine is a transparent sea-colored stone. It is an amulet of happy families, mutual love and respect.

Garnet is a semi-precious stone; it exists in several varieties which are differentiated by colors - from dark red to yellowish. This stone is considered to be a talisman of lovers and it is also called "a stone of honesty". Garnet rings are given to a friend as a proof of friendship. Garnet has healing properties: it helps with high temperature, sore throat and bad headaches. If a person constantly wears jewelry with garnet, it can give him or her a good mood and joyful thoughts.

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Alexandrite has an amazing ability to change its color depending on the lighting. This is not all about its unique features. First of all, the jewel strengthens its owner’s natural intuition. According to some stories, alexandrite can even warn the owner about the impending danger - a sign appears in the form of yellow gleams on the stone.


Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

The most important birthstone of Sagittarius is amethyst, which is considered to be a stone of love. In ancient times people believed that that it is able to make a person fall in love with you if you give amethyst to this person, even if they are in love with another man or woman. “Beware of amethyst, engaged or married women... "These words were written by a Sumerian priest on a clay tablet three thousand years ago. Amethyst also brings luck in games and competitions; it can deter people from excessive drinking.

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A special stone which brings luck to Sagittarius is turquoise. This is one of the most beautiful jewelry stones in the world. Its name comes from the Persian word "firuza" which means “a stone of happiness”. According to some Persian beliefs, turquoise was formed from the bones of people who died of love. Turquoise is really useful for Sagittarius as it helps to bring to life ideas, overcome difficulties and earn more money.

Apart from turquoise, Sagittarius may choose topaz. This gem can make your boss like you and consider your opinion. It brings wealth but only for hardworking people. This is an excellent amulet for those who go on a long journey or a business trip. Its influence allows you to see the intentions of your enemies and find real friends.


Capricorn: December 22 – January 19

Ruby brings happiness for those who were born in the sign of Capricorn. It can help you to find true love: give it to your sweetheart and it will make your love stronger. Ruby makes a good person even kinder and it turns evil people into real villains. Ruby has an amazing capacity to stop bleeding, purify air and ward off evil spirits. Ruby may turn dark if its owner is in danger.

Another birthstone which is associated with Capricorn is onyx. It is regarded as "a stone of leaders". It gives its possessor the ascendancy over other people, clears the mind and allows you to understand the intentions of rivals. Onyx improves memory and protects from a sudden death.

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Malachite is an ideal choice for Capricorns. It positively affects the nervous system and improves your sleep. In general malachite is considered to be "a stone of health". The range of its medicinal effect covers the cardiovascular system, digestive organs, brains, etc. Therefore, malachite will be a lucky charm for you.



Aquarius: January 20 – February 18

One of the astrological birthstones for Aquarius is aquamarine. According to the legend this stone can change its color depending on how its owner feels and what mood has. Sometimes it can be influenced by weather conditions and it can tell you when the weather is going to change. Aquamarine has anti-stress properties: it can relieve anxiety, stress and fatigue. If you often feel angry or you are afraid of something, aquamarine will help you to avoid these feelings. This stone can cure not only the soul but also the body - the amulet easily improves physical well-being and has a favorable effect on all parts of your body.

Another charm for Aquarius, which protects them from different evils and misfortunes, is zircon. This is a rare transparent precious stone which is called in the East "the younger brother of a diamond". It is believed that this stone improves mental abilities and, therefore, a person becomes more clever and smarter and can be more successful in life. This stone is excellent for representatives of different art professions. It makes people self-confident, stimulates imagination and gives good mood for a long time.

Rock crystal, which can be a perfect mineral for Aquarius, is a transparent large stone. It is the most perfect and beautiful crystal in nature. In the olden days people thought that this mineral was a piece of ice and they believed that it was frozen so much that there was no power in the world which could melt it. It was due to the fact that rock crystal is always cold. Its amazing transparency symbolizes modesty and purity of thoughts, probably, because rock crystal has been considered a talisman which can strengthen family ties and even clear the beverages in cups from possible poisons. Nowadays astrologers believe that it helps to conduct business negotiations successfully. It also has a wonderful ability to chase away terrible dreams. They say that it is enough to put anything made of rock crystal under your pillow. Rock crystal can really ease your pain and reduce body temperature because it never heats up.


Pisces: February 19 – March 20

Astrologers recommend Pisces to wear pearls. Pearl jewelry has been known since ancient times. In the medieval period wedding dresses were embroidered with pearls - women believed that they can make family bonds strong. Pearls facilitate prosperity and longevity and bring happiness to Pisces. These small shiny balls protect from the evil and bad luck, gives the ability to predict the future. The ring with pearls saves from thieves and dishonest bargains. The glitter of pearls depends on the health and mood of their owner. Pearls fade after the death.

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Amethyst is a lucky birthstone for Pisces. It is able to evoke love for the person who gives jewelry with this gem, so it opens hearts for a new love. Women who are engaged or married should beware of jewelry with this stone. Amethyst brings good luck and peace, it calms people who are always stressed and depressed. People believed that if you cut out the sign in the form of the moon or the sun on this jewel, it may save you from poisoning. Widowers and widows, who are not going to marry again, wear amethyst as a sign of eternal love for the departed spouses. In this regard, the stone is a symbol of faithful, devoted love.

Another marvelous gem for Pisces is Aquamarine. Its name is derived from Latin words meaning sea and water, therefore name "aquamarine" means “sea water” and since Pisces’ element is water this gemstone is really suitable for them. It decreases the weaknesses of Pisces, gives them courage and self-respect. It also strengthens the wish to live, restores peace of mind and softens anger. It is useful for inert Pisces. Aquamarine attracts love and money but only to those people who deserve it. It is said that aquamarine is able to awake love in long-married couples and it helps to make new friends. Aquamarine is an excellent stone for meditation.

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