Ear climbers or the best decoration for your ear piercing

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I was looking for some special jewelry for my birthday party and when I saw these onyx climber earrings on the website I fell in love with them immediately! They are really nice and tiny! 3 mm only! At first, I hesitated which metal to choose but then opted for sterling silver though they can also offer you the ones made of gold. I should also say that the consultants on the website are highly professional. They kindly answered my numerous questions about the quality of gems and metal and variety of colors. I wanted climber earrings for my both ears but you can also buy an earring for your left or right ear only. The parcel with my earrings arrived very fast. Earrings look very nice. Stylish and elegant look. Suitable for every day and for the celebration. Highly recommend!

Moreover, they gave me a unique opportunity to post the articles which I write about the things I am interested in. I am so excited! :)

So... ☺ ☺ ☺

The details mean much: how to choose your perfect jewelry

„To take or not to take – that is the question!”

The problem of choosing jewelry is a key issue for every woman. Some women buy jewelry for some occasion, others when they are in the mood to do this. There are also women who don’t buy any jewelry at all because they don’t know what to choose. But all the decorations are beautiful and the majority of women think about buying them at least once in their life. It also happens that women buy some jewelry and never wear them.

The fact is that buying jewelry is like an entertainment lottery. We focus on the principle of “like-dislike”, which ultimately turns into “you are lucky - not lucky”.

Ear climbers or crawlers

This type of earrings is also known as ear crawlers and their name reflects their essence perfectly.

Would you like to look different and at the same time do without drastic changes? It's easy, just buy climber earrings! You can wear them with anything. They are small enough not to take all the attention to themselves and at the same time you can choose the models which are more massive. Everything depends on your style and your desire. Climbers are unusual earrings which are worn along the earlobe and have almost replaced traditional Pusets. These earrings are also called “climbers” or “crawlers” from the English words “to climb” and “to crawl”. For the same reason, they are also called “flipper earrings” or “clip earrings”. They look like tiny snakes, which “run” up the ear, being held by a stud on the ear lobe at its base, and with a long retaining loop on the back of the earring or cuff at the top of the earring. A specially curved "small nail" goes along the earlobe and it makes the earrings fixed and almost intangible. You can follow me and make a tiny gift for yourself or the people you love. The only thing you need to do is to buy original earrings-climbers in the IROOCCA online store at a bargain price! (By the way, they regularly have sales, promotions and they can also offer you a discount !!!)

The art of choosing jewelry

Can you imagine that on “The Birds of America” album page which belongs to a famous American naturalist John James Audubon there are a couple of bright brush strokes by Jackson Pollock (American artist, ideologist and leader of abstract expressionism). Isn’t it strange? They will distract you from the original intention of the creator, embarrass and even cause some anger!

A person's appearance is a complete work with a special character and a semantic content.

When jewelry tells “our” story, it makes us irresistible. But if the stories of a face and jewelry differ, even the brightest appearance can become faded and inexpressive one.

All the details of the image that we choose should be in harmony with it and help us achieve our goals and create the proper impression. A large necklace, complemented by expressive earrings, will make any girl look more luxurious. More elegant decoration will emphasize your refinement and aristocracy. If you are dreaming about some decoration, try to pick up five epithets to describe it as if you are trying to appreciate a work of art. Does the description sound perfect for you? If so, feel free to make your choice!

So, what should you pay attention to when choosing your perfect jewelry?

Let me tell you!

“Natural palette” or the peculiarities of your appearance: define the material your the decoration is made of.

The natural palette of every woman has several color characteristics:

  • "warm - cold"
  • "bright - muffled"
  • "light - deep"

Each of them influences the choice of color and gloss of the materials (stone, metal and others).

Warm and Bright Color Type:

Natural palette or the peculiarities of your appearance

For example, warm shades of gold, glossy metal and warm shades of stones will suit for warm and bright color types. At the same time, cold metals (silver, platinum) will make you look tired and dull. That is why some women prefer golden or silver jewelry only.

The peculiarities of your figure and facial features: determine the size of the decoration

The size of your decoration depends on your body type. You should also take into consideration if you are tall or short, if you are a little bit overweight or slim. Massive jewelry will be a good choice for those who are plump and have heavy features.

The peculiarities of your figure and facial features

Determine the size of the decoration

The shape of your face: determine the shape of the jewelry and its details

Round, pointed or combined form of the face should also influence your choice.

If your face combines smooth, soft, rounded lines with pointed and angular ones harmoniously, then you possess a combined type of appearance. The ideal decoration for you should also combine all the listed characteristics.

The shape of your face
Combined type of face

The shape of your face

The nature of your face features: determine the shape of the details of the decoration

Our face features often prompt what type of decoration we should choose. We are all beautiful, but our faces are so different that no one artist could make them look similar in his pictures. Take a look in the mirror. What technique would your portrait be painted in? The beauty of large features will be favorably emphasized by decorations with a solid texture and large details.

The nature of your face features
Massive facial features: jewelry with solid texture, massive details, large center

The nature of your face features

Characteristic features (psycho type): the style of your decoration

Earlier we talked about the details of the picture, the color, the nature of the stroke, now we turn to the main idea of the artist. How comfortable a person feels in this or that style depends on his character. For example, some girls look perfect and luxurious having a bohemian style. Other girls will resemble real gypsies - a combination of layers and textures will make them too plain and absolutely uninteresting.

Making the conclusions

When choosing jewelry you should think about all the details! All factors are important - the scale, the shape, the color of the metal, the color of the stone, the material and texture, the psychological and artistic component of the jewelry. Even the most modest dress can be luxurious, if you wear it with the appropriate jewelry. Only by learning how to select accessories, you can assume that you know everything about your own style!

Not everything is clear?

If everything you’ve read seems too complicated to you, do not worry! In my posts for the blog on the iroocca.com website (I will try to write as often as possible and in detail) I will go through all the points and tell you how to take advantage of the shape of a face, the scale of a figure, or the psycho-type. Stay tuned! ❤


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