The secret of cabbage

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The secret of cabbage

Which products can help you make your breast bigger?

Can eating cabbage help your breast grow? Are there any other products which can enlarge your breast size? In this article we are going to find out if there is any relation between the food we eat and the size of a female breast. It’s a well-known fact, that phytoestrogens are responsible for the state of breast. These are the substances that are contained in foods of plant origin and are similar to the female sex hormones estrogen in their functioning. Of course, the volume and shape of breast depends not only on them. There are lots of other factors!

The size and shape of the mammary gland depends on the genetic predisposition, as well as on the pectoralis major muscle and skin condition. Nutrition also affects these structures. It is known that overweight can increase the volume of breast due to fat, but at the same time it affects its shape, pulling the breast down. But if you are too skinny your breast won’t look ideal either. Therefore, if you want your breast to be beautiful, you should think about the food you eat carefully. And of course, it is important to get the sufficient quantity of all the vitamins and biologically active substances. You can make your breast look more charming with the help of nipple piercing. A tiny piece of jewelry in your nipple will make your breast more attractive and help you become more self-assured. Beautiful and delicate surgical steel onyx nipple barbells are offered on our website in different colors.

Serious studies on the effect of phytoestrogens on the size of a female breast have not been conducted yet. But scientists are certain they might have some effect on the body. For example, there are a lot of phytoestrogens in beer. Probably, you’ve noticed that men who love beer often have gynecomastia - an increase in the volume of the mammary glands. Of course, you shouldn’t drink beer every day hoping your breast will become larger one day! It can ruin your health faster than your breast will grow!

Where can you find phytoestrogens?


  • Soy beans and any products containing soybean
  • Pomegranate
  • Cabbage
  • Figs
  • Sunflower seeds


  • Greenery and vegetables (carrots, beets, cucumbers, parsley, garlic)
  • Cherry, plum and other berries
  • Wheat, rye - bran and whole grain flour
  • Nuts (pistachios, cashews, etc.)
  • Apples, peaches, watermelon


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