Piercing for men: cool and attractive jewelry

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Piercing for men: cool and attractive jewelry

If you are a man, and if you are looking for piercing jewelry for yourself or as a gift, welcome to this page of our online shop! Some items was created especially for male, who keep up with the times and follow trends.

What should be the jewels of this kind? Of course, they differ from the women’s. They are more simple, often more massive in appearance, in the same time they are also beautiful and nice!

Watch our catalog, read the descriptions, choose the items that suit you and add them to card to buy men’s earrings or hoops. We offer you really good prices and high quality, and our assortment are constantly updated with new good-looking items.


What can you find here?

There are jewels for:

  • earlobes,
  • tragus,
  • septum,
  • nose and so on,
  • many others items.

Many men pierce the ear (often only one, unlike women). All the models represent in our shop in the quantity of 1 piece, so you can order as much as you need.

The piercing of such parts of the face as a tragus, a cartilage or a nose, are most common among young guys and are more rare than ear piercing.

But most of our products are fit for all specified parts of the body – they are really universal!


Handmade jewelry for men

Our main advantage is hand work. Every item you see on the pages of Iroocca.com are made by hands, and we’re so proud of it! People like and appreciate our works, and we hope that you’ll find here something good for you either.

Some of jewels are made with gemstones, while other – without them. We use topaz, amethyst, turquoise, opal, onyx, garnet and many other stones. When you make your order, you can choose any of gems that are presented on the last photo (click to any item to see it).

So, to make your order, you should choose the following points:

  • material – it could be surgicall steel, gold filled or sterling silver,
  • gauge (the thickness),
  • inner diameter (width),
  • quantity.

By default there will be chosen the gemstone from the main photo. If you want some other gem, please, write the comment in buying cart.

Also if you have some questions about making your jewelry, please, contact us in the way convenient for you (by phone or email), and we’ll help you with great pleasure!


Buy men’s piercing jewelry by great prices

Do you like discounts? We often give them to our clients, so keep checking for updates!









To sum up, here there are:

  • big choice of men’s piercing jewels,
  • convenient system of purchase allowing to spend only a few minutes to order,
  • delivery to any country,
  • well-functioning feedback – we always here to help you to solve any problems!
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Freida Turner:
09/05/2019, 04:08:38 AM

Thanks for sharing the above information. Piercings cause infection if it isn't taken care of properly. Man's muscles are hard, so it might take quite a long time to heal.

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