Fake Tragus Rings

Fake Tragus Rings

On this page you can buy fake tragus rings at low prices – stylish fake piercing jewelry which you can wear without making a real puncture. Fake tragus piercing rings are easy to put on and look like real ones!
It often happens that we want some changes in appearance, but we are afraid to take drastic steps. Piercing is a great way to beautify yourself, especially “exotic” piercings, such as puncturing a tragus. But what if it turns out that it does not suit you? Jewelry is easy to pull out, but the hole will remain forever. In case of any doubt, we recommend you to buy fake tragus ring. This is a great solution for those who do not want to go to the salon! After all, the jewelry does not differ in appearance from the real; you can put on and take it off whenever you like, and there are no traces on the skin!
So, how to fake a tragus piercing? Just go to our catalog and choose the option to your taste!

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Tragus Cuff with Silver Flower - Fake Piercing - Sterling Silver - PN0147P

Buy online Fake Tragus Ring with 2mm Emerald gemstone, made from Sterling Silver, SKU: PN0147P with ..


Fake Tragus Rings from IROOCCA - beauty near me
High-quality handmade Fake Tragus Rings

Our fake tragus piercing rings

Like all other jewelry in our online store, fake tragus rings are made of sterling silver, gold filled and surgical steel. All these three metals are of high quality, durable, very beautiful and designed for many years of service. You can choose any of them to make an item that you like.
You also need to select the following parameters:

  • thickness,
  • width,
  • gemstone,
  • quantity.

Let's say a little about the gemstones. Many products from our catalog are decorated with them. And we give you the opportunity to choose any of the available stones for your fake tragus ring! See which one matches the color of your eyes or skin, or one that matches your favorite color. You can also use the filter on the left of the page to immediately filter out the gemstones that you like. Some pieces of jewelry are decorated with metal decoration instead of gems. They can be in the form of flowers, animals, various symbols or letters.
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To order the fake tragus rings, add them to the cart after checking all the options. By the way, you can also wear them for the nose, helix and earlobes, that is, these kind of jewelry are universal! We sincerely hope that you will enjoy the range, and are always ready to answer any of your questions via e-mail, as well as on social networks.
We wish you good shopping!