Septum Rings

Septum Rings

Here you can buy septum piercing jewelry: rings and hoops at really good prices. Online store IROOCCA offers you great assortment of cute septum rings of high quality.

If you are dreaming of nasal septum piercing and looking for a suitable jewelry, or if you already got your nose pierced and want to refresh your accessories set, welcome to the IROOCCA! On this page, we present you our collection of cheap septum rings made by hand.

It is a beauty available to everyone! Because here you can order septum rings and hoops at low prices that will be delivered to your country. View the catalog and contact us for support – we will be happy to help you find the suitable accessory!

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2mm Opals Septum Ring

This is a very beautiful sterling silver septum ring with graceful opals. This piece of jewelry..


2mm Turquoise Septum Ring

Simple and trendy sterling silver septum ring with a round of turquoise. Turquoise is faithful and p..


3mm Garnet Septum Ring

Delicate 14k gold filled garnet septum ring. This very versatile item can add a bit of style to any ..


Gold Septum Ring with Opal

Simple and very elegant 14k gold filled opal septum ring. This gorgeous piece of jewelry is perfect ..


Hammered Septum Hoop Earring

Delightful sterling silver septum ring. The hoop earring combines perfectly with other jewelry ..


Septum Hoop Earring

Beautiful 14k rose gold filled septum ring. It has a timeless delight and the vital sparkle tha..


Twisted Septum Ring

This is simple sterling silver septum ring. Add a splash of class and chic to your face-space w..



Dermal Jewelry with CZ Stone - 316L surgical steel dermal top piercing jewelry

Simple, delicate and very elegant surgical steel cz dermal top.This gorgeous piece of jewelry is per..


Internally Threaded Dermal with CZ- Surgical steel dermal top

This is a very beautiful and delicate surgical steel cz dermal top.This modern and stylish piece of ..


Surgical Steel Dermal Top Jewelry - dermal body piercing jewellery

This is a very beautiful surgical steel dermal top.This is a simple and classic piece of jewelry for..


Dermal Top Surgical Steel - Internally threaded dermal with CZ

This is a very beautiful and delicate surgical steel cz dermal top.This modern and stylish piece of ..


Surgical Stainless Steel Dermal Top Jewelry - Internally threaded top with CZ

Gorgeous surgical steel cz dermal top.This is a simple and classic piece of jewelry for everyday wea..


Septum Ring Piercing
High-quality handmade items from IROOCCA

What is a septum ring?

The hoops for septum have become incredibly popular over the past few years. In modern Western culture, they are a symbol of protest against a dominant culture or just a fashion accessory, but people also wore these jewels in ancient times.

The reasons were different. For example, the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas decorated their noses with rings of gold and jade for religious purposes. For some nations of the Middle East and Africa, nose rings are a wedding gift to the bride for more than 4 thousand years in a row. Usually they are made of gold, and the richer the groom, the larger and more luxurious that kind of jewelry should be.

However now there are small septum rings in fashion. The shape could be different: round, triangular or square. Many items from our catalog have gemstones, and you can choose the gem that you like most. You will find all the available gemstones on the last photo on the item’s page. Don’t forget to specify which one you want to use to create the accessory.

Buy septum piercing rings online

Before ordering, you should also specify the following:

  • Metal: sterling silver, (rose) gold filled or surgical steel. The last one is recommended for those who have just got the nose pierced.
  • Gauge (thickness).
  • Inner diameter (width).
  • Quantity.

Then add it to the shopping cart and place an order. If you find it difficult to choose parameters such as gauge and inner diameter, contact us, and our manager will consult you.

We also invite you to join us on social networks and follow the catalog updates. There are often good discounts that will allow you to buy the tiny septum rings at even more affordable prices!