Nose Studs

Nose Studs

In the online store IROOCCA you can buy cute and tiny nose piercing studs at affordable prices. Among all the other piercing jewelry nose studs are one of the most popular. They are very convenient to use, because, unlike rings, they are much easier to wear: you need just to put the item into the hole and fasten it from the back.

On this page of our online shop you can choose and buy beautiful nose studs that could be worn every day! We offer you a large assortment with high-quality jewelry of different shapes and colors for girls who like to stand out from the crowd!

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Nose Ring 20g - 316L surgical steel nose stud, nose screw

Elegant surgical steel CZ nose stud earring.This can be a perfect gift for you or your beloved ones!..


Nose Ring Stud with Opal stone - nose stud, surgical steel nose piercing

Simple and very elegant surgical steel opal nose stud earring.This can be a perfect gift for you or ..


Nose Stud with 2mm Opal

Pretty and understated, delicate sterling silver nose stud earring with touch of shimmer of opal.&nb..


Nose Stud with 2mm Opal

Simple, delicate and very stylish 14k gold filled opal nose stud earring. This is a perfect gif..


Nose Stud with 2mm Sapphire

Simple, delicate and very stylish 14k gold filled sapphire nose stud earring.This is a simple and cl..



Cartilage Earring jewelry - Surgical steel tragus piercing, helix stud barbell

Simple and delicate yet ultra stylish surgical steel opal cartilage barbell.This simple and beautifu..


Surgical Steel Conch Earring - Cartilage stud, forward helix piercing, tragus jewelry

This is a very beautiful and delicate surgical steel cz conch barbell.This is a perfect gift for you..


Tragus Earring Stud Surgical Steel - Cartilage barbell, forward helix piercing stud

Simple and delicate but very stylish surgical steel opal tragus barbell.This very versatile item can..


Surgical Steel Helix Piercing - Tragus barbell, cartilage earring, conch stud

Simple and very elegant surgical steel opal helix barbell. This is a simple and classic piece of jew..


Tragus Earring Surgical Steel - Forward helix stud, conch barbell stud, cartilage piercing

Simple, delicate and very stylish surgical steel opal tragus barbell.This is a perfect gift for you ..


Nose Studs Piercing
High-quality handmade items from IROOCCA

What you will find in this section?

There are available both classic studs and original ones, such as in the shape of a paper clip, scissors or key. Almost every item you can purchase in three versions: made of sterling silver, gold filled (or rose gold filled) and surgical steel. The third one we recommend for those who just got nose pierced: studs made of surgical steel are safe, non-toxic and easy to sterilize.

We also have jewels with or without gemstone. For most of our jewels you can choose the gem to your taste. Just open the jewel’s page and look at the last photo: it shows all the available variants of gems. You need to specify which one you want to have, and we will create it!

In addition, most of the studs are suitable not only for nose, but also for a tragus or as a regular earring. Therefore, before buying, read the information on the item’s page: for some of them you need to specify which shape should be the finished product (it could be the right, the left nostril or both, the tragus or earlobe, etc).

Also you need to specify the right size and material. Then add the jewel to the shopping cart and proceed to the ordering.

Order gorgeous nose studs online

If you are wondering where to buy nose stud, the right answer is ‘online’! You don’t need to leave home, go shopping and look for jewelry. All you need is right here, at IROOCCA, where you can order handmade small nose studs at low prices. Please note that we often make discounts on one or another items, so do not pass by!

We are always happy to help: if it’s difficult to pick up the item’s size or gemstone, just call or email us. And please, leave your feedback after the receiving: we want to know your opinion!

We wish you pleasant shopping and waiting for you again!