Nipple Rings

Nipple Rings

On this page of our online store you can buy nipple rings – popular type of intimate body piercing jewelry for men and women. Only high-quality nipple jewelry at low prices!

Nipple piercing is quite a popular procedure among young girls and guys. Properly done, it will help not only to improve the aesthetic appearance, but also to adjust the shape of the breast. This procedure is not dangerous at all provided that you apply to a qualified salon. You can order a variety of nipple jewelry from us, which are made of quality materials, are beautiful and durable.

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Nipple Rings
High-quality handmade Nipple Rings from IROOCCA

The assortment includes the following types:

  • nipple rings,
  • nipple barbells,
  • nipple clickers.

You can choose one or several items: thanks to a large selection of products you can make your own collection and change them as you wish!

Features of nipple piercing

There are several types of that kind of piercing:

  • horizontal,
  • vertical,
  • diagonal.

The most popular location is horizontal, allowing you to wear all kinds of jewelry.

How long does the wound heal and does it hurt? In order to quickly heal damaged skin, it is necessary to follow certain rules and provide care for nipple piercing:

  • Do not take long hot showers to prevent steaming.
  • Avoid mechanical stress.
  • Do not use the sauna, swimming pool, bath, solarium.

If you strictly comply with these recommendations, pierced nipples heal quickly. To keep the wound clean, experts advise you to seal the nipples with a band-aid and regularly make baths with an antiseptic, healing solution. The main conditions are personal hygiene, cleanliness of underwear and bed. The first couple of weeks, care of the nipples should be particularly thorough, because at this time the channel is formed.

Does it hurts when you get your nipples pierced? Feelings during the procedure depend on the individual pain threshold and psychological preparation. In general, it cannot be said that it is completely painless, but the manipulations are carried out so quickly that it can be endured.

How to do a nipple piercing?

  • The master conducts the treatment of the place of the future hole and sterilizes tools.
  • Makes markings, carefully drawing the needle entry and exit points.
  • Captures the nipple with a special clip and leaves in this form for a couple of seconds.
  • With a quick movement of the hand, the specialist inserts the needle. During this manipulation, the client is advised to take a deep breath.
  • Next, the master conducts a careful replacement of the needle for piece of jewelry.
  • If the needle is hollow, the nipple ring is inserted into its cavity and is passed through the skin. If there is a catheter, then use it.
  • The wound is treated with antiseptic, sealed with a band-aid.

Our breast piercing jewelry assortment

We offer you a large and constantly updated range of surgical steel nipple rings. We use this particular material because it is hygienic, easy to clean, non-corrosive and recommended for use after you get the piercing done. In addition, you can order from us nipple jewelry made of sterling silver and gold filled.

All our products are handmade. This means that we make for each client an original item that only you will have! Also, almost all presented pieces of jewelry are decorated with gemstones: garnet, onyx, opal, lapis lazuli, ruby and many others. You can choose the desired stone on the item’s page. Together with this, before ordering, you need to choose the material, thickness, metal color (steel, yellow, pink or black) and quantity.

Next, add to the shopping cart chosen surgical steel nipple piercings and go there to make a purchase. You can always write to us for advice and assistance in the purchase of nipple rings.

We hope you enjoy our product range and wish you a pleasant shopping!