All the truth about nipple piercing

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Nipple barbell - all truth

Nipple piercing: everything you need to know before the procedure

Nipple piercing has become fast, popular and simple procedure. Today it is considered erotic to decorate your body in this way. So, if the idea of nipple piercing looks attractive to you, here is the number of points that should be seriously thought about ...


1. Cost

The average cost of nipple piercing depends on the area where you live, that’s why it’s better to find out the cost of the procedure in the nearest salon. Piercing also requires special care, which involves some expenses so you should be ready for this too.


2. Pain threshold

Lots of people who have nipple piercings claim that they did not feel much pain during the procedure. But it all depends on your personal pain threshold. Since the nipple is a sensitive area, you should think carefully about the mechanical effect on your body.


3. Treatment and follow-up

The healing process of the pierced nipples is not as fast as many of us can think. It takes about 4-6 weeks. In some cases the period of healing might last longer.

Try to use paper towels to dry your breast after washing and don’t touch your nipples with dirty hands.

Jewelry for nipple piercing is made of metals which might cause allergic reactions. The bet idea is to wear jewelry made of surgical steel for the first few months

Ask your partner not to touch your breast or take nipples into mouth for at least two weeks after the nipple piercing procedure. Try to find other erogenous zones on your body until you make sure that your piercing is no longer vulnerable to germs and bacteria.


4. To wear bra or not to wear?

Bra is needed for some period of time, most girls claim that they felt more comfortable wearing a bra. The matter is that some kinds of fabric and sweaters, affect the pierced nipples like sandpaper. So, in these cases wearing a bra is a normal physical necessity.

But don’t forget that sweat, which remains in the bra, can create breeding ground for bacteria. Remember about it!


5. Breast feeding

We hope you will not offer your baby a pierced breast, because he can simply choke with jewelry. Take jewelry out of your nipples for the entire period of breastfeeding. In the majority of cases jewelry can be easily put in its place after you finish the period of breastfeeding, although it can be a little bit painful. Some more information about breastfeeding and nipple piercing you can read in the article “Nipple piercing – all you need to know”


6. Sensitivity and arousal

Once nipple piercing was considered a real hit for two reasons: it looks unusual and erotic. Lots of women say nipple piercing really made their nipples more sensitive. But do not expect that nipple piercing will make you feel constant sexual arousal. It’s a fake. We’ll discuss the issue in our next article in details.

It’s up to you to decide what to do with your body. However, you should keep in mind that the process of healing after the procedure should really take some time and demands certain conditions. Your lifestyle, work, medical conditions and other factors affect on your wound healing.

Unlike tattoos, nipple piercing is a fast-reversible process. If you don’t like your piercing after the procedure, just take the jewelry out and the punctures will close in 24 hours and completely overgrow in a few days.

Well, it’s not easy to decide if you want piercing or not. That’s why, while you are thinking, we offer you to choose the jewelry from our website that does not require any punctures in your body and looks like a real piercing! You can find beautiful tragus rings and nose rings in the "Fake piercing" section on our website.



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