Nipples change their color – what to do?

Posted by Sarah 27/07/2019 0 Comment(s)

Nipples can tell much

Nipples can tell much about woman’s health


Woman’s body changes throughout her life. Sometimes women can notice that their nipples have changed their color to dark-brown. This fact might frighten them or make them worry about it. Let’s try to find out the reasons of this phenomenon and how dangerous it is.




Why might nipples get darker?

In the majority of cases dark-brown nipple is the sign of pregnancy. During the period of pregnancy woman’s body undergoes serious changes including hormone fluctuations.

However, the reasons why nipples change their color might be different. Various kinds of diseases which are caused by hormone imbalance during menopause and while taking some hormonal drugs or oral contraceptives are the most common ones. Moreover, unexpected or gradual change of nipple color to dark-brown might be explained by aging changes or genetically determined reasons. If you want to make your nipples look more attractive – think about nipple piercing. The best nipple earrings are always available in our online store.

So, the first thing you should do if you’ve noticed any changes of your nipple color is to make a pregnancy test. But don’t worry! As a rule, the situation returns to normal after a woman gives birth to a child.


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