Mistakes men do when buying jewelry for ladies

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There are a lot of mistakes men do when buying jewelry for ladies. You must know all of them beforehand and fix as fast as you can:

Mistake #1: You don’t look and listen carefully

In order to understand what jewelry she likes, sometimes it's just enough to see what kind of jewelry she already has. So you will be able to determine her individual style, favorite stones and what jewelry is still missing in her wardrobe. Be sure, if she wears a pearl necklace, then a pair of earrings with pearls bring her into raptures. Carefully, as if by chance, show her jewelry in a magazine or on the street, ask her opinion, and listen carefully, because the answer will help you in your choice.

Mistake #2: You don’t appreciate individuality

If she is a romantic person, give her a pendant in the form of a heart, a necklace or a ring with a stone, faceted in the form of heart. If she prefers a classic style or business suits, your choice is an elegant jewelry with precious stones, a pair of earrings or a chain with small decoration. But you can also buy a jewelry in the form of the sun, dolphins, butterflies, or any other, which she likes for sure. Remember the main thing: try to avoid the purchase of ultra trendy designer jewelry or those that are only suitable for nightclubs, at least until you are sure that they are really popular.

Mistake #3: You don’t ask her friends

Her sister, mother or friend will talk about her preferences and help you to determine the correct direction in your search. Of course, you can ask her directly, just the next time you go shopping together take a look on what her eyes are delayed.

Mistake #4: You forget about the homework

It can’t turn out very nice if on her birthday you give her a ring with a stone, that is not best for her horoscope. Yes, women pay attention to it! Learn all the dates which are important for her, because gifts are not necessarily on a birthday, on March 8 and the New Year.

Mistake #5: You forget about practicality

Don’t forget to buy a chain to suspension, so she immediately was able to put it on. Also, don’t forget about a beautiful box. The romantic ambiance also does not hurt! In order not to look for a gift for a long time, you need to buy a jewelry, included in a kit. For example, the ring you’ll present on her birthday, and the earrings set on the Day of dating.

Mistake #6: You aren’t sure what jewelry to give

It is one of the most common mistakes men do when buying jewelry for ladies. If you still are not sure what she really wants – give a diamond ring or a bracelet! Yes, this gift is relevant at all times and on every occasion, and more important than the size of a diamond is the fact itself!

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