Inverted nipples – what to do?

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Inverted nipples

Some tips for women with inverted nipples

Approximately 10% of women have a problem of inverted nipples. For lots of these women it’s not only an aesthetic problem, but it’s also a problem connected with breastfeeding. Therefore, it is useful to know the basic information about this feature.


What does an inverted nipple look like?

The problem is easily recognized by an experienced doctor during a routine examination. He will definitely notice that nipples (sometimes only one of them) are located at the level of the areola or drawn into breast.

Experts identify two types of inverted nipples. The first type includes inverted nipples which are always hidden. The second implies that nipples are easily drawn out during sexual stimulation and lactation.


What are the possible causes of inverted nipples?

The reasons for this feature may be different but some of them might include:

  • heredity;
  • various mechanical damages, for example, blows, falling;
  • wearing tight linen;
  • breast growths;
  • developmental pathologies, insufficiency of the formation of the milky ducts.

In some cases additional diagnostics is required. Such diagnostics includes ultrasound and x-rays.

What to do with inverted nipples?

Luckily, this problem can be easily solved with the help of an experienced doctor. However, the procedure should be done before pregnancy so that to avoid problems with breastfeeding.

Women with inverted nipples are often offered exercises which they can do with the help of their fingers. Specialists should tell and show a woman what to do. Scrolling of nipples is usually performed with three fingers 3 times a day.

Wearing a special vacuum nozzle is also preferable. It must be worn all the day long, and can be removed only for inspection of the glands. It is necessary to wear it for several months.

Pump for nipples

If operation is the only way out, the type of it must be chosen by a doctor and patient. They should take into account whether a woman is planning breastfeeding in the future or not. If breastfeeding is not planned, then during the procedure, doctor cuts through the connective tissue that holds the nipple. To preserve the ability to breastfeeding, doctor should do a more serious operation, which will preserve the integrity of the milk ducts.

In some cases nipple piercing might come in handy. Some women who have already pierced their nipples say that jewelry which they wear in their nipples prevents them from being inverted. They start pointing outward. They also acquire some beautiful shape and look quite attractive.

In general women pierce their nipples on different reasons.

First of all, it’s as we have already mentioned beautiful. Lots of people think nipple piercing looks elegant. And if you belong to this group of people - nipple piercing is definitely your choice.

For other people, nipple piercing is a way to make them more sensitive.

The main steps of the procedure include:

  1. Client chooses the jewelry from the suggested ones. Be sure, the best choice of nipple piercing jewelry is in our online store. Come and buy one of these beautiful nipple clicker earring.
  2. Piercer learns some facts about the nuances of the client's health, which can affect the process of its healing.
  3. Jewelry is sterilized.
  4. The puncture is made with a special sterilized needle.
  5. If necessary, the puncture area is covered with an adhesive bandage.

How to prepare for the nipple piercing procedure?

There are four types of nipple piercings. They are horizontal, vertical, diagonal, and multi-piercing (several punctures in one nipple are made). If a person wants to wear a ring in his nipple, it must be a horizontal puncture. 99% of people choose this type of puncture. Properly pierced nipple looks attractive!

Choice of jewelry

Immediately after the procedure you can’t put in:

  • Too short or too long barbells;
  • Rings (except those with a diameter more than 10mm and 1.6mm thick)
  • Any decorations thinner than 1.6mm (14g) and thicker than 3mm (8g)
  • Jewelry made of plastic, glass, silver;
  • Bars with small balls (up to 4mm);
  • Colored or coated jewellery.

For the initial period, doctors usually recommend jewellery from surgical steel.

After the period of healing is over you can wear any jewelry you like.


The process of healing usually takes 2-3 weeks (4 weeks for those who have inverted nipples). However, if your piercing does not hurt, it does not mean that it has healed. Complete healing of nipple piercings comes after 6 months. Everything depends on the thickness of the nipple. In some cases, healing takes even longer and it’s not something you should be afraid of. In this case, you should consult a doctor and follow his recommendations.

Some tips to make the process of healing faster:

  • Put an adhesive plaster each time you leave home.
  • At home try not to wear bras.
  • At night it is worth wearing a loose T-shirt.
  • Don’t go to solarium / sauna / pool.


Nipple piercings has no relation to breastfeeding. In some cases it is even beneficial to the process of breastfeeding. The only rule – is to take the jewelry out of your nipple for the period you feed your baby.


If you don’t want to have any complications – buy jewelry made of high quality materials. Remember that jewelry you can trust can’t be cheap. For example, we have many years of experience in manufacturing products to order, we work only with high-quality materials, which are supplied to us only by proven suppliers with all the necessary certificates. That is why we can always offer our customers very fast production of jewelry to order, with reliable delivery and only from high quality materials. Please note that we provide a guarantee for both the delivery and the products themselves. If you have any questions - we will be happy to answer them - write to us!

Nipple injury

Sometimes you can make a careless motion (it usually happens when you dry yourself with a towel or washcloth in the bathroom, with a sweater or straps) and as a result you injure your nipple piercing.

Poor work of a piercer

Sometimes it happens that areola is pierced instead of a nipple. It never happens if you choose a good salon with highly skilled professionals.. The reason of it is non-professional work of a piercer.


It is a rare phenomenon among the owners of nipple piercings. It happens to those who don’t properly take care of their hygiene. The best thing they can do is to visit a doctor.


Pierced nipples can be stretched, especially if you wear thick jewelry. Sometimes it looks very impressive, and even more attractive. In fact, it is possible to stretch the puncture, but gradually - for 1 mm every 2-3 months. It is rather unpleasant and a bit painful, including the first week after stretching. The tissues of nipple are gentle, so if you stretch the puncture quickly, the nipple is badly hurt.

Is it painful?

Of course, this is one of the most unpleasant procedures. However, you should remember that the procedure lasts for half a second but the pleasant feelings because of wearing jewelry in your nipple will stay with you forever.

When can you be back to sports?

For the first two weeks it is better to forget about physical activity but then you can return to it. Try to avoid exercises in which pressure on the puncture is possible. Moreover, you should also pay attention to the degree of compression of your sports bra, as well as support for everyday underwear - it should not be too strong. The best rule is to listen to your body: if something hurts you, don't do it.

When can you visit a swimming pool or sauna?

Stay away from these places for as long as possible. The minimum time is 2 weeks for a solarium, 4 weeks for a pool, and 6 weeks for baths and saunas. After this period, you can slowly begin to go there, but use an adhesive bandage and antiseptic after the visit.


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