Intimate health: 6 warning signs

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What should pay attention


Taking care of your intimate health should be an essential part of your daily life. Millions of people all over the world are diagnosed with STD. Lots of these diseases have no symptoms at all but there are some important signs which you should pay attention to:





Reddening and rash on genitals

Bumps and pimples are not so rare if we are talking about vagina and it’s not always a sign of something serious. For example, the reason often may lie in ingrown hairs, especially if you prefer shaving or have a sensitive type of skin. But these pimples may also turn to be warts which are caused by a papillomavirus.

You can get this disease through coition, especially anal sex and even through sex toys. If you have any doubts, visit a doctor as soon as possible.



Pain in urination

Urination pain is often a symptom of cystitis – catarrh of the bladder. About 40% of women have suffered from this disease at least once in their life. It’s not an infection but it can be caused by it.

Urination pain can also be a symptom of gonorrhea, syphilis or trichomoniasis.



Bloody flux

Bloody flux may be caused by different reasons and many of them don’t give any reason for worrying. But if you had an unprotected sex or some problems with menses, you’d better visit a doctor.

Among the potential reasons you can find clamidiosis, cystic disease and even the result of some stress.



Any kind of pain

Some infections can cause pain or discomfort. This is how your body can inform your brain that something has gone wrong. If you often have lower abdominal pain it can be the symptom of gonorrhea, clamidiosis or trichomoniasis.

If you have some uncomfortable feeling during coition, don’t ignore and go to the doctor immediately.



Eye infections

Gonorrhea or clamidiosis can be the reason of your eye sore. You could touch your eye with the hand in sperm by accident and it could spread the infection.

Remember, if you have sex with a new partner you are not protected from such unpleasant things.



No symptoms

It is not a rare thing when there are no symptoms but there is some disease. For example, half of the people who suffer from clamidiosis have no signs of it at all.

The best way to protect yourself is to undergo medical tests regularly and to use a condom.



And in the end we should mention that intimate health is closely connected with the healthy lifestyle. People have more responsibilities and duties and less time for taking care of themselves. Eat healthy food, go in for sports and visit your doctor regularly and then you have all chances to reduce the risk of these infections.

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