The ideal breast size – what do men think?

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Nipple barbell - all truth

Men’s preferences as for women’s breast size

Are you dreaming about large breast? Forget about it! Don’t trust glossy magazines and popular TV programmes so blindly. They always tell us stories that large breast can easily attract men’s attention and make them believe you are a real sex symbol. Men say that isn’t true. The majority of them claim they don’t even care what size of breast women have!

It’s great to have a large breast when you are at school and all the boys belong to you and you are the queen of all the parties. But time flies so fast and soon you notice with a surprise that lots of other girls from your class have breast of almost the same size as yours and your odds are equal now. When you grow older and give birth to a baby you realize that breast of a large size is an extra load on your spine which stretches and loses its elasticity in the end. As a result, you start feeling bad and looking less attractive.

As for the silicone breasts, you shouldn’t forget that it’s a serious surgical procedure. Nobody would give you any guarantee that the implant won’t break and the silicone won’t leak out. Moreover, surgical intervention is always accompanied by pain, medication and quite a long rehabilitation period. Such kind of operation can be justified only in case you are a celebrity and large breast is an essential part of your image.

You can find it hard to believe but women’s breast of a medium size and even small size can be also quite attractive. Lots of men admit they can’t resist when they see breasts of a small size decorated with nipple piercing. Can you believe that an amazing tiny nipple barbell can easily drive any man crazy? But at the same time, let’s not forget that all men are different and their preferences are also not the same. Most men date women for their personality but not their breast. And it’s almost impossible to imagine a situation when a man breaks up with his girlfriend because of the breast size!


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