How to care silver jewelry?

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In order to know how to care silver jewelry, remember the following:

  • Do not store accessories in the bathroom and near water. It is desirable to have a special box for them, upholstered in a soft cloth.
  • Take off the silver jewelry during homework and when going to bed.
  • Don't contact with hydrogen sulfide or other sulfur compounds. During such contact silver is quickly covered with black patina. In everyday life, this tarnish promotes contact with the egg yolk, onion and table salt.
  • Silver jewelry may darken if the owner has certain diseases. The darkening of silver also depends on the features of the skin.

That's all good, but how to care silver jewelry? To get rid of those dark spots, wipe silver with a cloth, soaked in warm (8%) solution of vinegar, then rinse it with water and dry.

If to wipe silver accessories with a cloth soaked in lemon juice, they acquire a soft sheen. Then you should wash them with hot water and wipe to dry.

To clean dirty or darkened silver jewelry, you can use a paste made from chalk and ammonia. Before cleaning an accessory, wash it with warm soapy water, and then coat with this pasty mixture. When silver dried, wash it with water and wipe with a dry woolen cloth. For this purpose, you can use a toothpaste.

Silver chains can be washed in a bottle by adding soap and ammonia into warm water. Shake them gently until the dirt does not come down, and then wipe to dry with a towel.

There is one more thing you should remember in order to know how to care silver jewelry. There are special liquids which clean silver jewelry and have not only cleaning but also polishing properties. They consist of soft abrasives (chalk, diatomite), wax, ammonia, gasoline, and other substances. You need to apply these cleaners on a soft (the best is cloth or flannel) fabric and clean the soiled surface. Then rinse the item with water and wipe with a clean cloth to shine.

In the case of liquid preparations intended for cleaning silver jewelry, the large items should be wiped with a swab dipped in the preparation, but small is better to immerse in the liquid and hold them for 1-2 minutes. Then, the jewelry should be rinsed with water and rubbed to a shine with a soft cloth.

Silver accessories can't be cleaned by preparations, which contain hard abrasives such as pumice. Application of such substances leads to the formation of scratches on the jewelry and a gradual blurring of a silver layer.

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