Haulover Beach – the best nudist beach in Miami, the USA

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Haulover Beach in Miami

Famous beach for nudists in Miami

Haulover Beach, situated in Miami, Florida (the USA) is an ideal place for having a rest. Just imagine more than two kilometers of white sand and hot sun, comfortable showers and toilets, luxurious restaurants and cafes. Moreover, it’s the only official nudist beach on the coast. Jewelry and accessories bought in our online store are probably the only things which can be worn at this beautiful place!


Haulover beach - surf line

Haulover Beach makes the top of the best beaches of Miami. The most distinct feature of this place is that you can sunbathe here wearing your clothes, being topless or naked – it’s absolutely legal. For those who want to sunbathe naked there is a special place (almost half of the beach) which is fenced off but the sign saying it’s the territory of the nudist beach can hardly be seen. Jewelry for any kind of piercing, bracelets and chokers bought in our online store can be worn in any part of the beach without any limits! Our jewelry should be the only thing which you can wear spending your time in the territory of the beach!
In the territory of the beach you can also notice life guard cabins. It means this place is safe enough as life guards and police are always on guard. The beach is free but you have to pay for parking your car.
The beach is popular not only with young people. Older people and even families with children are frequent visitors of this beach. In the northern part of the beach there is a special place for gays but there are no special signs – you can only see same-sex couples here.
Not far from the beach there is a beautiful Haulover Park where you can have a good time together with your other half or family. Sunbathing, playing volleyball and basketball – are the most popular activities here. There is a special rental store where you can find all the necessary sports equipment. Haulover Beach is also famous for excellent waves for surfing.

Map of Haulower Beach

Haulover Beach is famous all over the world. Every year the beach is visited by million of people (from 7 to 10 thousands people visit it per day). Three quarter of visitors opt for nudist beach. Lots of customers of our online store visit this beach regularly and are fully satisfied by its comfortable rest area and jewelry bought from us. The jewelry we produce is unique and made to order to meet a desire of our customers!


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