Hair piercing – style for daring

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Hair Piercing



Hair piercing – a brand new trend



Put your headbands and your hair pins away! Fashionmongers from all over the world decorate their hair with tough piercing. It looks cool and it’s absolutely painless!

This extreme trend has come from the Instagram account @KeashBraids of two British stylists. The girls adore piercing and creative hairdos, so, at some point they decided to combine these two things and to create something new and really unusual. At first, they simply tied into their braids rings and later they started to add jewelry of different kinds: beads, helixes, barbells, pins and even paperclips. By the way, if you are looking for high quality jewelry for your hair piercing or dreaming about such accessories as leather bracelets and chokers, come to our website. We are always happy to help you with your choice.

Hair piercing looks amazing and at the same time it’s absolutely safe and doesn’t leave any marks on your body. Celebrities were the first who supported the trend. Christina Aguilera put into her hair dozens of metal rings. Rita Ora decorated her hair with pearl beads and Kelly Osborn as a real rebel put into her hair a safety pin. But how can you follow this popular trend? It’s very easy. First of all, make a braid or even two braids. Everything depends on your imagination. Then put into your hair metal rings, clip-on earrings or just ordinary earrings.

Don’t be afraid to experiment – you may put into your hair beads of different sizes and colors, mix silver with gold and try to do your best to create not a hairdo but a real piece of jewelry.

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