Hair piercing – a new trend in body decoration

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Hair piercing – the most fashionable decoration



Today hair piercing is probably the most interesting and unusual trend in the world of fashion. This trend appeared in 2016 and has acquired a great popularity since then. Hundreds of women of all ages took a liking of the trend as it is easy to make even at home and it’s absolutely inexpensive.



What is hair piercing?

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Hair piercing is made with different kinds of metal rings which are put into your hair. Today metal is the most fashionable kind of decoration. All kinds of jewelry for ear and hair piercing, nipple and belly rings, sophisticated accessories for any taste and of any style you can always find on our website. The main function of hair piercing unlike ordinary hair pins is decoration. The more decorations you put into your hair, the better it looks.



How to make hair piercing

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The main thing is to make at least one braid of any length. Then you tie rings, barbells or chains into it. Some creative ladies even put paperclips, pins and some unusual items. Though, judging the photos of some celebrities, special jewelry for hair piercing looks much more attractive and stylish.



Advantages and disadvantages of hair piercing

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The only disadvantage is that you can’t do it if you have very short hair. As for the advantages there are lots of them:

  • It doesn’t require any puncturing;
  • It can be created at home;
  • It can be replaced and changed several times a day;
  • It conceals extension hair;
  • It helps create unforgettable image.

Besides, it’s the only kind of piercing which is allowed at school or at office.

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