Facial piercing as a way of self - expression

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Facial piercing

Haters and lovers of facial piercing

Ancient tribes were the first to make facial piercing. Today lots of young people want to have this “fierce” kind of piercing. However, people having traditional views, often criticize it.


Facial piercing: its kinds and history

The first mention of facial piercing dates back to 1500 BC. At that period piercing of ears and cheeks was a part of religious rituals. Heavy ear rings were worn by oracles and every Indian girl had a decoration in her nose. In the East piercing was used as a special medical treatment. People were sure that human body had lots of spots which could generate energy and keep it that’s why they chose to pierce them.

Today facial piercing is extremely popular with different youth subcultures and people who want to stand out from the crowd. Some kinds of piercings such as Austin bar, nick or earl piercings look unusual and even aggressive. Other kinds of piercings such as studs in girls’ noses look tender and very attractive.


Facial piercing


Ear piercing

Ear piercing is the most popular kind of piercing. Almost every girl or a woman chooses this kind of body decoration. It is so widespread that it doesn’t cause any negative reaction among people, except probably tragus or industrial piercings.

Nose piercing

This kind of piercing is mostly popular among women. The majority of girls prefer nostril piercing. It is quite painless and heals fast. You can put in a tiny elegant ring or a bright stud. Our online store consultants are always ready to help you choose the best jewelry for your nose piercing. Create your perfect image with this L-shaped nose stud ring with onyx gemstone.

Septum piercing is also popular though it might be slightly painful. Rhino or Austin bar nose piercings are considered to be the most exotic ones.

Lip piercing

Lip piercing is ranked as the third most popular piercing type in the world. Besides standard lip piercing (which is a single, off-centered piercing of the lower or upper lip), you can distinguish labret piercing, Monroe or Ashley piercing. Lip piercing is a quite painful procedure.

Eyebrow piercing

This kind of piercing is popular among men. An eyebrow piercing can be placed anywhere along the brow line. It can be vertical (the most common one) or horizontal. The healing time can take up to several months. The best jewelry for eyebrow piercing is a curved barbell.

Unusual kinds of facial piercing

Cheek piercing is one of the most exotic kinds of piercing. This kind of piercing is very painful and heals for a long time. Labrets are used as a decoration for this kind of piercing. Tongue piercing is also painful and not all piercing fans are risky enough to have it. But those who are not scared prefer barbells in their tongues. Tongue frenulum piercing is also quite extreme.

Reasons against piercing

Lots of people don’t like piercing. They say it’s easy to get infected. But if you follow all the piercer’s instructions everything will be ok. Another negative side is that facial piercing might cause some serious problems at work or at school. Some employers or headmasters are very strict about their student or employees’ appearance. For example, presenters can’t appear on TV with pierced noses or cheeks. However, you can always take jewelry out for several hours and put it in again in the end of the day.


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