The most effective breast augmentation methods

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Breast augmentation

Is it possible to enlarge your breast without an operation?

Recent sociological studies have shown that the majority of women consider life with small breast as inadequate. This topic has become the subject of discussion and criticism, but women are still ready to do everything to make their appearance more attractive.

Lots of women gain confidence and success in their personal lives due to breast augmentation. However, implants are not cheap and this makes women search for some new alternative ways to look sexy.

Women who plan to enlarge their breasts are offered a variety of more affordable methods. But do they promise 100% results?


What methods of breast augmentation does the beauty industry offer?

  • Special diet
  • Physical exercise
  • Nutritional supplements
  • Stimulation of blood circulation
  • Hyaluronic acid injections
  • Massage
  • Natural home remedies
  • Alternative medicine methods

The most popular breast augmentation methods: benefit or harm?


1.Herbal medicine


Natural remedies are extremely popular among women. Herbal products are not only safe and easy to use, they are also very cheap. The principle of their action is simple. They contain certain doses of estrogen, which affect the growth of the mammary glands. Different kinds of tablets, tinctures, ointments, massage gels can be easily bought in any drugstore.

However, you should pay attention to the ingredients and understand their pharmacological action. Consumers should remember that some plant components can lead to strong allergic reactions. This is the list of the most popular herbals:

  • Thistle
  • Chinese grass Dong Quai
  • Fennel seeds
  • Seeds of fenugreek
  • Hop flowers
  • Extract of bovine ovaries
  • Thailand Grass Pueraria Mirifica




There is a number of exercises that affect breast development. In the process of training, muscle mass increases, the tone increases and, as a result, the gland shape changes. But if you give up exercising, the shape of your breast will return to its usual appearance.

Internet is full of information on how to enlarge your breast with the help of physical exercises, but this method is not so effective. On the contrary, it can make your breast flat.


3.Stimulation of blood circulation


This group includes special ointments, creams and massage gels that stimulate the blood supply to the breast. After application, your breasts will swell and visually increase in size. It will happen due to the massage movements and synthetic hormones which are contained in these remedies. The effect of these creams does not last long and you will need to apply the next portions again and again.


4.Hyaluronic Acid Injection


The first attempts to pump up breast with silicone filler failed. Complications after such procedures disfigured the female breast and caused side-effects. In a course of time, they began to produce new safe remedies based on hyaluronic acid, which promised good result for 2 years. Despite this, the method is not very popular due to the high cost of the drug.


5.Special nutrition


In the past girls were recommended to eat some food so that their breasts become larger. Some people recommended eating cabbage, others to eat more products which contain protein. But it didn’t have any effect and the size of their breast remained the same. In fact, scientists say that some products can really affect the shape and elasticity of the breast due to the content of phytoestrogens. However, you need to combine them properly, so that not to achieve the opposite effect.


6.Vacuum massage


Special vacuum devices are also used for breast augmentation. But don’t try to use them by yourself at home. The best thing is to visit a professional massage therapist.




Perhaps, every woman knows how to visually enlarge her breast with the help of a properly selected bra. Today, manufacturers are trying to help women with small breast and offer a wide choice of bras. There are bras with different foam and silicone inserts of different thickness and shape. There is even a completely invisible female accessory that creates the illusion of quite impressive sizes.


8.Nipple piercing


Some women strongly believe that nipple piercing can enlarge their breast. Unfortunately, it’s a popular myth. Nipple piercing has nothing to do with your breasts. The piercing may cause your nipples to get a bit bigger, but not your breasts. And if you are looking for a good piece of jewelry for your nipple piercing, don’t hesitate to visit our website. We are sure you’ll like our elegant nipple barbells made of surgical steel and available in different colors.


All of the methods described above can help women to achieve small results and overcome their complexes. But at the same time lots of money and nerves are spent in attempts to find some panacea.

If you have decided to make your breast larger using one of the methods listed above, you should remember that they are not always safe. And it’s better to consult your doctor before using any of them!


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