Industrial Straight Barbells

Industrial Straight Barbells

In our online store you can buy industrial straight barbells for the appropriate type of piercing. We offer you big assortment of straight industrial barbells at good prices which you can order with delivery to your country.
Industrial is a very original form of body modification, in which a single piece of jewelry combines two holes at once. The earring is placed on the upper part of the ear shell; the barbell can be either straight or curved. Holes are placed opposite to each other: one hole is on the cartilage closer to the face, the other is in the opposite direction. The barbell is first inserted into the upper hole, then into the lower one, and then fixed.
This type of piercing will allow you to highlight your beauty and stand out from the crowd. Choose one or more handmade industrial straight barbell from our catalog, and we will take care of high-quality performance and fast delivery!

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Industrial Straight Barbells from IROOCCA - beauty near me
High-quality handmade Industrial Straight Barbells

Industrial - how to care?

This type of ear piercing appeared not so long ago in the field of piercing, but has already gained a huge number of fans. Its versatility allows decorating the appearance of both women and men. To perform a puncture, we recommend contacting a professional salon: only a qualified piercing master is able to perform a puncture without hitting the nerve endings.
Industrial requires attentive care. The period of healing of holes can be shortened if you follow some recommendations:

  • Do not sleep on the side of the piercing for 2-3 months.
  • Do not touch the holes with dirty hands.
  • Change your pillow case every three days.
  • Limit the contact of the punctured area with hair.
  • Treat the wounds with a disinfecting solution and ointment twice a day.

With a balanced diet, good immunity, good health and regular care, the canal in the holes can be tightened after a couple of months.

Buy industrial straight barbells online

Barbells of the usual size will not be suitable for such piercing. They are longer than usual: here you will find items with length from 32 to 50 mm. Twisted balls are placed at the ends, with the help of which the straight industrial barbell is put on and removed.
In the middle of almost every product is placed a decoration made of gemstones. You can choose your favorite gem, and we will make a barbell with it. In addition, please select the metal and its color, which will allow you to get the original piece of jewelry that fits you and your style perfectly!
To order industrial straight barbells add it to your shopping cart after specifying all the options. Feel free to ask us any questions, we are always happy to help our customers find and buy handmade piercing jewelry in our store!