Tragus Studs

Tragus Studs

Tragus Studs: perfect decision for your brilliance

Among the various types of piercing jewelry for beautifying the body, the ears items occupy a place of honor, and among them, in turn, tragus studs have become very popular in recent years. Tragus is a small cartilage in the front part of the auricle, the puncture of which, being quite safe for health, allows you to stand out from the crowd and express your personality in the best way.

On this page of the online store, we suggest you to buy tragus stud earrings from our collection. We are sure that you will find here the ideal variant that will help you to be beautiful and bright every day! Some items have good discounts, so choose and make an order.

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Tragus Studs Piercing
High-quality handmade Tragus Studs from IROOCCA

Tragus piercing studs: features

Jewelry, used to decorate the tragus, are universal, because they are also suitable for other parts of the ear or for the nose. So, by purchasing one item, you can use it at will, changing its location.

Studs are comfortable to wear due to their simplicity, they do not give you the slightest discomfort. The only condition is that the puncture should be completely healed. Until the time of healing, we recommend you to wear earrings only from bioplast or implantation titanium.

What do we make our jewelry from? At the moment there are 4 types of materials:

  • Surgical Steel;
  • Sterling Silver;
  • Gold Filled;
  • Rose Gold Filled(limited editions of models).

We plan to add new materials in the near future, so stay tuned! There are available jewelry of various shapes and colors for every taste, simple or with patterns, with or without gems, relatively large or small. Also, we want to note that all our products are handmade, we make it in our studio and we work hard on every order! Great experience allows us to create amazing items, and due to the focus on a broad audience, the prices are really low.

How to order tragus studs online?

For the order, mark all parameters, such as material, thickness, post shape and quantity. You can choose the gem in most cases for items with gemstones (the currently available variants you can find on the last photo). To make a tragus stud for you with a stone you like, write its name in the comments to the order.