Tragus Rings

Tragus Rings

On this page of online store IROOCCA you can buy cute tragus piercing rings with delivery to your country! We’re making all of tragus piercing jewelry by hand in our own studio and sell them by very affordable prices.

Piercing of different parts of the body is a trendy way of self-expression. There are both «classical» variants, for example, ear or navel piercing, and more extreme, which includes tragus piercing. Here you will find a large assortment of items, among which your ideal jewel will surely be found!

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Gold Tragus Ring - Gold filled either or Sterling Silver – PN0279P

Buy online this is Amazing Tragus Ring, made from Sterling Silver either or 14k Gold filled, SKU: PN..


Tragus Ring - Sterling Silver either or Rose Gold filled or Gold filled – PN0051P

Buy online this is Amazing Tragus Ring, made from Sterling Silver either or 14k Gold filled or 14k R..


Tragus Ring Piercing
High-quality handmade Tragus Rings from IROOCCA

Our tragus ear rings

Welcome to the catalog of IROOCCA’s jewelry with photos and descriptions for each item. Go to the jewel’s page, look at photos and choose what you like. We’re creating most of items with gemstones, in this case you can select any gem from our collection. To do that, you should specify gemstone’s name in the Available Options tab (see on the right of the photo).

There are also available the following options:

  • Material – it could be surgical steel, sterling silver, gold filled and sometimes rose gold filled tragus ring.
  • Gauge (thickness).
  • Inner diameter (width).

All available gemstones posted on the last photo.

Each item is made by our masters by hand taking into account the parameters you specify. The work is painstaking and precise, and we always do it with love and care of you! As a result, we get a high-quality tragus jewelry, which you will wear with pride for many years.

Features of our tragus earrings

It is worth saying a few words about this type of piercing. It is necessary to address only to the qualified expert in the checked up salon, because the procedure is painful enough and demands care and experience from the master. To pierce the tragus ear, the master should use special small piercing needles (usually 1.2 mm, but possibly more). During the first weeks after the procedure, the puncture might hurt, and it needs a good daily care, which your master will advise you.

From the very beginning and until complete healing we recommend you to wear simple small tragus rings made of surgical steel, titanium or bioplast. And only when everything is finally healed, you can use ordinary rings for tragus piercing.

Prices and Shipping

Our prices for tragus rings jewelry are low and reasonable, so every customer can afford them! Also, we often offer substantial discounts, which make our products even cheaper.

You can place an order with delivery to any country. If you have any questions or if you find it difficult to choose a tragus ring size, please contact us, we will help you and answer all your questions!