Tragus Labrets

Tragus Labrets

On this page of our online store you can buy tragus labret earrings which are beautiful and easy-to-use kind of piercing jewelry. We offer a wide range of tragus labrets at low prices!

IROOCCA is a place where you will find any type of body piercing jewelry made by hand of high-quality materials. We are creating new designs all the time, and our best ideas are being put into practice as an adorable and stylish handmade jewelry which you can buy online with delivery to your country!

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Tragus Labret Stud - Internally Threaded - Surgical Steel – PN3200-1SSH

Buy online this is superb Tragus Labret Stud with Internally Thread, made from high quality 316L Sta..


Tragus Labrets
High-quality handmade Tragus Labrets from IROOCCA

The advantages of working with us are as follows:

  • large selection of wonderful jewelry,
  • affordable prices,
  • only handmade,
  • support of qualified managers.

What is tragus labret?

This is the most demanded kind of piercing jewelry for this part of body. It is a barbell with a flat backside that is static and can’t be getting off, with heads can screw in or shove in. Labret studs for tragus are very popular cause you can put it into the hole from the inner side of the ear and the head shoved in through front side. The flat backside is comfortable and barely can be seen from inner side.

Most of items in this category of our online shop have a note “Internally”, which means that the threads are on the inside. This is the most convenient and do not raise annoyance or discomfort when inserting into piercing.

Our tragus labrets assortment

We are making almost every labret of surgical steel. This metal has a lot of advantages over the other metals: it’s hygienic, safe, easy to clean, promotes rapid healing. We can create surgical steel jewelry of different colors: steel, yellow, pink or black. Also you can choose the gemstone that will decorate your item (this option is available not for every piece of jewelry, but for the most of them; sometimes you can choose only gem’s color). For more information, see the item pages.

In addition to the above options, you need to specify a suitable thickness (gauge) and quantity. After that add chosen tragus labret jewelry to your shopping cart and go there to place an order.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions that may arise! You can email us, call or leave your question in the social networks listed below. Our experts are always in touch and ready to help you choose the suitable tragus piercing labret or its size, answer questions about delivery, etc.

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