Rook Curved Barbells

Rook Curved Barbells

If you are looking for cool and inexpensive piercing jewelry for rook, here you can find and buy rook curved barbell at affordable prices with delivery to your country.
Piercing of this part of the ear is done on the ledge of the ear cartilage, opposite the tragus. The most popular piercing jewelry for the rook is the curved barbell – a small curved metal stick with a ball on the one end and a decoration on the other. The decoration can be made from both precious stones and metal. The ball is twisted to put on and take off the jewel.
Our online store offers you a big assortment of rook curved barbells of different sizes and with different decorations. Each item has a description and a list of technical specifications so that you can conveniently select the appropriate option. Also on the left side you can see filters that will help you quickly select products for the required characteristics.

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Rook Curved Barbell with CZ gemstone - Externally Threaded - Surgical Steel - PN2337SSH

Buy online this is fine Rook Curved Barbell with CZ gemstone and externally thread (you can choose a..


Rook Curved Barbell from IROOCCA - beauty near me
High-quality handmade Rook Curved Barbells

Rook Curved Barbells: special features

The main difference of this type of piercing from others is in the size of the barbell. It is smaller, since the distance between the holes is also quite small. The wound heals up to six months after the procedure, all this time we recommend not to remove the first jewelry. You can change it only after the healing process is completely over.
The rook curved barbells available in our catalog have the following parameters:

  • Surgical steel, gold filled or sterling silver as a material. If only one of them is indicated in the item card, then in case you want another metal, write it in the comment to the order.
  • Steel, yellow, pink or black color of the metal. By choosing a different color from steel, you will receive an original and unusual jewelry!
  • Thickness of 14 or 16 gauge.
  • Barbell length equal to 6, 8, 10 or 11 mm. This option is selected based on your individual characteristics. During piercing, ask the master how long you should choose the jewelry.
  • Gemstone with which we decorate almost all items from our online store. You can choose any of the listed ones, which is among the photos on the jewel page.

How to buy rook curved barbell?

First point out all the above options, then add the item to your shopping cart. If you have a promo code, you can enter it there. Fill in all the necessary information, including the shipping address. Done!
As you can see, making an order in our online store is very easy and fast. Stay tuned for updates because we are constantly adding new items. We hope that here you will find the rook curved barbell of your dreams!
Enjoy your shopping!