Rook Clickers

Rook Clickers

On this page of our online store you can buy rook clickers for rook piercing at reasonable prices with delivery. Rook clicker is a special piercing jewelry for a small cartilage called ‘rook’.
In our online store there is only handmade jewelry which we design and make ourselves. All the jewels are original, and we promise that you will not find anything like them anywhere else! Our customers love us precisely for the uniqueness of each piece of jewelry, as well as for high quality products and a large selection in the catalog. We hope that you will find your perfect rook clicker here, and invite you to get acquainted with our range!

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Rook Clickers from IROOCCA - beauty near me
High-quality handmade Rook Clickers

What is rook clicker?

Rook clickers look like rings. They are quite small in size due to the specific location of this cartilage. You can also use it for tragus, helix or conch. The difference from ordinary rings is in the way of putting on and taking off the jewel. The item closes with a quiet sound – click – that helps to make sure that you securely close it and will not lose it.
What materials do we use to make rook clickers? We create all the piercing jewels from three metals: surgical steel, gold filled and sterling silver. You can choose any of them for each clicker and each item from our store; you can also choose the color of the metal.
An important feature is the ability to choose a gemstone. On each page of the item or on the left in the catalog you can see the range of gemstones and mark the desired one. So you can choose the perfect option that matches the color of your eyes and your image as a whole!
Also you need to mark the following parameters:

  • gauge (the thickness),
  • inner diameter,
  • metal color,
  • quantity.

On the right, we have placed filters that will help you quickly select all the items that suit you. If you have questions about the choice of parameters, please ask them to us – our managers will be happy to help you choose the piercing jewelry of your dreams!

Order rook clickers online

Every day we try to make our service more convenient for you: we add new products, improve and simplify the search and order form. We also develop our pages on social networks and we will be very glad to see you among our subscribers! The store often holds promotions, due to which you can buy rook clickers and other handmade piercing jewelry with good discounts. We hope that here you will find jewelry for yourself or as a gift, and come back to us for new purchases!
We wish you a pleasant shopping!