Helix / Cartilage Rings

Helix / Cartilage Rings

If you are looking for place where to buy helix and cartilage rings, welcome to our online store! Here you will find a wide range of cool helix/cartilage earrings and rings at low prices.

This jewelry has a classic shape and is suitable for everyone. Here are very simple and cute cartilage piercing rings that can be worn every day, for work and study, as well as luxurious items suitable for parties and other similar events. The ring always looks beautiful, easy to put on and take off, does not cause inconvenience in wearing.

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Cartilage Ring with Blue CZ gemstone - Sterling Silver either or Gold filled – PN0649P

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Cartilage Ring with Flower - Sterling Silver– PN0136P

Buy online this is wonderful Cartilage Ring with Flower, made from Sterling Silver, SKU: PN0136P wit..


Helix Earring - Sterling Silver either or Rose Gold filled or Gold filled - PN0012P

Buy online this is Helix Earring, made from Sterling Silver either or 14k Gold filled or 14k Rose Go..


Helix / Cartilage Rings from IROOCCA - beauty near me
High-quality handmade Helix / Cartilage Rings

Our online store offers the best conditions of purchase and delivery. In addition to a large assortment and good prices, we offer an excellent service – the ability to choose all the parameters of your jewelry, such as:

  • material,
  • width,
  • thickness,
  • gemstone.

Helix and cartilage ear rings: characteristics

To put on or take off the ring, you need to slightly bend the end of it, and then return it to its place. High quality metal allows you to do this operation a great many times, so you can not be afraid that the earring will break.
The positive side of helix rings is also the fact that they can be used for earlobes, tragus and nose. The item is universal; therefore you can wear it where you want, according to your mood!

Our masters are engaged in the manufacture of each piece of jewelry by hand. Handwork is our pride, because in this way each ring is unique in its kind! For the same purpose, each client can choose a gem, if the item is initially decorated with it. On the page of each helix and cartilage rings with a gemstone you will find a complete list of available gems. Also on the left side of this page there are filters where you can specify all the desired parameters and quickly select the appropriate jewel.

As for materials, surgical steel, sterling silver and gold filled are available for you. The first one can be used almost immediately after you got the piercing. The other two are recommended to be worn after the wound has healed completely. Choose the thickness and diameter should be based on individual characteristics and personal preferences. If you are not sure how to correctly specify these options, contact us and we will help you make the right decision!

How to order pretty helix and cartilage piercing rings?

After specifying all the options, add the item to the cart. Go there to complete your order. We also invite you to our social networks (you can find their list in the footer of the site). There you can follow news and updates, get the latest information about discounts and our other promotions.

Enjoy the shopping!