Helix / Cartilage Labrets

Helix / Cartilage Labrets

Labret is a type of piercing jewelry that is very elegant and small in size. Here you can buy labret earrings for cartilage – our online store offers you to order labret cartilage piercing at low prices with delivery to your country!

Such an item looks like a barbell, but unlike it, the labrets one end is round and the other is flat. The flat side hides inside; the round side comes out and is often decorated with patterns or gemstones. Presented on this page of our catalog labrets look good in helix, cartilage, tragus and auricle.

Labret studs for cartilage piercing an excellent way to complement the image, and due to a large assortment you can choose different options for your outfits.

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Helix / Cartilage Labrets from IROOCCA - beauty near me
High-quality handmade Helix / Cartilage Labrets

Helix and cartilage labrets: features

The advantages of our piercing jewelry are as follows:

  • Several materials to choose from. We are creating items made of surgical steel, sterling silver and 14k gold filled. When choosing surgical steel, you can also specify the appropriate color of the metal: black, steel, pink or yellow. We guarantee that all materials used are of the highest quality, durable and easy to clean!
  • Gemstone decoration for most labret earrings for cartilage. You can choose the gem that our masters use when creating your item. There are varieties such as garnet, opal, lapis lazuli, onyx, ruby, and more. Each of them has its own unique charm!
  • The ability to choose the thickness and post length. Most popular types are 14, 16 and 18 gauge. If it is difficult for you to navigate and choose the right parameters, please contact us in the way that is convenient for you, and we will be happy to help you!
  • Handwork. All products in our online store are handmade! Each labret cartilage piercing is made with attention and love individually for each client. This will allow you to feel special, because only you will have such an item in accordance with the parameters you have chosen. Masters, who are engaged in the making of jewelry, have extensive experience and are perfect in this.

Buy labret earrings for cartilage online

Our advantages include not only a large range of products and high-quality jewelry. In addition, we have very favorable purchase conditions, on which you will spend just a few minutes. You can order helix/cartilage labrets with delivery to any country (for details, see the relevant section of the site). We sincerely hope that you will like our online store, appreciate the convenience of navigation and a wide range.

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