Conch Labrets

Conch Labrets

Here you can buy conch labrets which are small cute piercing jewelry for conch. There are available a big assortment of conch labret studs at affordable prices.
Conch piercing is piercing of the deep cup-shaped central part of the ear. This is a rather exotic type of piercing, which only recently began to gain popularity. It looks very attractive, and due to its rarity it allows you to look original and stand out from the crowd.
Labrets are a good decision for a conch. They are small in size and fit comfortably. Due to the fact that the earring is located deep in the ear, it will not touch the clothes, so the wound heals quickly.
Below you can read about the features of this type of jewelry and our range!

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Conch Labrets from IROOCCA - beauty near me
High-quality handmade Conch Labrets

Conch labret studs: characteristic

The master selects a puncture point located parallel to the safety point on the lobe. Choosing the point where the needle is inserted is very important because there is a risk of damage to large vessels. That is why you should do this procedure with a professional: this way you will avoid any risks.

Conch healing lasts up to 12 months, the exact period depends on the individual characteristics of your body and the correct care. Here are some recommendations:

  • It is better to refuse headphones for the entire recovery period.
  • The wound must be protected from dirt and hair.
  • In the first month you cannot visit the bath, sauna, play sports and swim in open ponds.
  • The wound should be treated with antiseptic at least twice a day.
  • You cannot remove the conch labret until full healing.

When choosing piercing jewelry for the first time, be careful: you will need to wear it for a long time without removing it. We are sure that among our range you will find the perfect option!

We have conch labret studs made of surgical steel, sterling silver and gold filled. Most of the items are decorated with gemstones: just choose the one that you like more than others, and indicate this when ordering. In addition, you can choose the color of the metal, the thickness and the post shape.

How to buy conch labrets in our store?

We have created a comfortable and cozy handmade jewelry shopping area. At your service there is a large selection of conch labret studs and any other piercing jewelry, the ability to create your own original item according to individual parameters, low prices, regular discounts, worldwide delivery and of course our managers, always ready to help and answer any question! To buy conch labret, just add it to shopping cart and place an order.

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