Conch Clickers

Conch Clickers

Conch clicker is a delicate and adorable piercing jewelry which you can use for conch, tragus, helix or nose. In our online store you can buy conch clickers at low prices.
Our store is the place where you will find a huge range of handmade items for women and men. We produce both the most popular jewelry, and rare, such as conch clickers and other conch piercing jewelry. Together with the original design of each product and the high quality of performance, we set affordable prices for conch clickers, so that each client can find an option here to his own taste!
This page lists all the products available in the catalog, and on the left are filters that can be used to quickly select the items you want. To view detailed information about a particular piece of jewelry, go to the its page.

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Conch Clickers from IROOCCA - beauty near me
High-quality handmade Conch Clickers

What is conch clicker?

Such a clicker is a jewelry that is inserted into the auricle. This type of piercing is rapidly gaining popularity at present, although it still remains quite exotic. If you want to emphasize your uniqueness, stand out, make your image even more attractive and interesting – conch piercing will definitely suit you! We recommend you doing the procedure with a professional and the first time to wear the ring he put without taking out. After healing, you can change the jewels as often as you like.
Our conch clickers are made of surgical steel. We can also make for you any item of gold filled or sterling silver. Regardless of what you choose, all materials are of the highest quality and are designed for many years of service.
In addition, we are proud of the large selection of gemstones that we offer you to choose from. Pearl, blue, white, blue, yellow red and many other shades are available. Due to this choice, you can easily create the perfect jewel both for yourself and as a gift to your friend, sister or colleague!

Buy conch clickers online

Before you place an order, you need to choose:

  • Material. There is often only one metal on the item card. But this does not mean that others are not available! Just write the desired metal in the comments to the order, and we will make the clicker from it.
  • Thickness and inner diameter. These indicators are individual. Choose what is most comfortable for you.
  • Metal color.
  • Gemstone.
  • Quantity.

After that, add the conch clicker to the cart, where you can use discount codes or place your purchase immediately. We also invite you to register and join us in social networks where you will be the first to learn about the news of our store, promotions and gifts!