Conch Piercing

Conch Piercing

Where to buy conch piercing jewelry? On this page of our online shop you can order conch ear piercing jewelry at low prices from our large catalog of various models!
This is another type of ear piercing that has become very popular lately. It is a puncture of the auricle on the inside of the bottom. Before we talk about conch piercing jewelry, we must warn that the procedure is potentially risky: a lot of blood vessels and nerve endings are concentrated in this part of the ear. Therefore, in no case can you do this procedure on your own or in untested salons. Contact only professionals authorized to conduct such procedures!
We offer you a wide range of models of different types. Each of them has a description and photos, due to which you can easily choose the most suitable inner conch piercing jewelry for yourself or as a gift. We are also always in touch to answer any questions and help you with your choice!
Our online store is the place where you will find the best jewelry for conch piercing and for other parts of the face and body. All products are handmade and very high quality, designed for long-term use.

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High-quality handmade Conch Piercing

Unique conch piercing jewelry

The catalog contains the following types of items:

  • labrets
  • barbells
  • clickers

Labrets are like barbells, but the latter have a twisted ball instead of a cap at the end of the item. Clickers are rings with a convenient clasp that will not allow the ring to open and fall. Almost each of the presented conch ear piercing jewelry is decorated with a gemstone. The entire list of available stones can be found in the filters on the left side of the category page, as well as on each product page in the form of a picture. So you can clearly see the gemstones and choose the one that is perfect for your eyes, hair color and the whole look.
In addition, you can choose the metal, its color, thickness (gauge) of conch piercing and some other parameters depending on the type of product. If you need something that is not in our catalog, write to us and we will most likely be able to create the desired model for you!

Conch piercing aftercare

As we have already said, conch puncturing should be entrusted to a qualified and experienced master. However, if this condition is met and with proper care, the wound will not cause you any inconvenience. Healing lasts 6-12 months. The advantage of this type of piercing is that the decoration is inserted on the bottom of the auricle, so it will not touch the hair or be disturbed during sleep.
The rules of care include:

  • Discard headphones for the entire healing period.
  • Be sure to treat the wound with an antiseptic twice a day, as well as with the ingress of sweat, dust and dirt.
  • In the first three-four weeks you can’t visit the bath, sauna, play sports and swim in open ponds.
  • Try not to sleep on the side where the piercing was made.
  • Every two days, change the pillowcase on the pillow, so as not to provoke the growth of dangerous bacteria.
  • Do not remove the conch piercing jewelry until full healing.
  • In the first week, do not soak the wound.

Also, if after a week or two after the procedure, the wound is severely festering, itching, remains red, and the edema does not subside, you should consult a doctor. After complete healing, you can change the jewelry as you like, choosing different materials and shapes.
To buy our pretty conch piercing jewelry at good price, add selected models to the cart. Some of them can be used for other parts of the ear: lobe, tragus, daith or nose. Sometimes we make good discounts on some products, so do not miss them: join us on social networks, and also register on the site.
We hope you enjoy our range of cute conch piercing jewelry. Have a nice shopping!