Ear Climber Earrings

Ear Climber Earrings

Featured Ear Climbers: fashion handmade jewelry

If you decide to choose ear climbers as a jewel, we suggest you look at the list of popular products on this page of the online store Iroocca.com catalog. We have collected here the most vivid and unusual variants from our collection, among which there are items with good discounts.

You can buy our featured ear climbers for yourself or as a gift. Prices for all goods of our online store are adequate and affordable for a wide range of customers, and the quality of jewelry is always high.

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Ear Climber Earring with 3mm Onyx gemstone - Sterling Silver or Gold filled – PN0193P

Buy online this is simple and delicate but very stylish Ear Climber Earring Piercing Jewelry with 3m..


Ear Climber Earring with CZ gemstones - Surgical Steel – PN2564SSH

Buy online this is a very beautiful Ear Climber Earring Piercing Jewelry with Amazing CZ gemstones, ..


Ear Climber Earring with CZ gemstones - Surgical Steel – PN2574SSH

Buy online this is simple, delicate and very elegant Ear Climber Earring Piercing Jewelry with Amazi..


Ear Climber Earring with gemstones - Surgical Steel – PN2575SSH

Buy online this is a very perfect Ear Climber Earring Piercing Jewelry with Amazing gemstones, made ..


Ear Climber Earring with Opals gemstones - Surgical Steel – PN2565SSH

Buy online this is a very perfect Ear Climber Earring Piercing Jewelry with Amazing Opals gemstones,..


Ear Climber Earring with Sapphires gemstones - Sterling Silver or Gold filled – PN0358P

Buy online this is simple and delicate but very stylish Ear Climber Earring Piercing Jewelry with Sa..


Ear Climber Earring with Turquoise gemstone - Sterling Silver or Gold filled – PN0342P

Buy online this is a very beautiful and delicate Ear Climber Earring Piercing Jewelry with Turquoise..


Ear Climber Earrings
High-quality handmade Ear Climber Earrings from IROOCCA

Featured Climber Earrings

Climbers is a kind of jewelry that has become popular not so long ago, but already managed to earn the love of fancy girls. Created based on ordinary earrings, it is simple in wearing, and it allows you to stand out from the crowd, emphasize your own style and just be beautiful and bright every day.

There is the following featured Ear Climbers Jewelry in this subsection:

  • With gemstones. There are opal, amethyst, ruby, sapphire and many other gems of different colors for every taste!
  • Minimalistic. Very simple, elegant and gentle.
  • Original. For example, made in the form of scissors or with pendants.
  • Sterling Silver.
  • Gold Filled.
  • Rose Gold Filled.

Each earring we do by hand, using a huge experience and modern technology, and paying attention to every little detail. Buying from us, you will get high-quality jewelry, which you will wear with pride for many years!

Order featured Ear Climbers

Before placing an order, you should select the material, style and quantity of items. The point "Style" means for which ear the jewel will be made. You can specify the right, left, or universal, for both ears.

We update this section periodically, adding new items to it. Also we often change items with discounts, so stay tuned and join us on social networks!

Ear Climbers with gemstones: richness of natural colors

Many of our customers already appreciate and love our amazing supermodern jewelry – ear climbers or wraps. This jewelry is a great way to express your personality and bring new shades to your image.

You can buy handmade ear climbers with gemstones of a variety of colors and shapes on this page of the online store Iroocca.com. We offer you favorable conditions of purchase and delivery, so you can order our goods from anywhere in the world!

How to choose a gemstone?

Each stone has a number of its individual properties. You can choose them:

  • focusing on these properties,
  • by astrological sign,
  • by your name and date of birth,
  • by the curative effects,
  • according to your eyes color or clothes.

But the most important rule is that you should like the stone. Look at all the models; try to feel your connection with this or that jewel. The one that perfectly suits you will "vibrate" with you. Just give it a little attention, and you will definitely find your own variant!

Our assortment of Ear Wraps with gems

A large selection of items with the following stones is available:

  • onyx,
  • opal,
  • topaz,
  • garnet,
  • sapphire
  • and many others.

A huge number of various colors will allow each client to find jewelry to their taste. In addition, you should specify the material (sterling silver or gold filled), from which we will make the item, style (right ear, left or both) and quantity before buying.

After confirming the order, we will start making climbers for you in our specially equipped studio. Of course, every item we do by hand, so you get a completely original and created with love and warmth jewelry!

If you have any questions about the selection and purchase of our ear climbers, please contact us in any convenient way for you, and we will advise you promptly!

Elegant Ear Climbers with no gemstones

Some people believe that jewelry with gemstones is more suitable for any events, feasts and other celebrations. Therefore, we created this section where you can buy a fashionable handmade jewelry – ear climbers with no gemstones at affordable prices.

Climbers are one of the varieties of earrings. They are long, often have different patterns or can be made in the form of geometric shapes.

Diversity of Ear Climbers without gems

In the catalog, you will find every kinds of such jewelry from very simple to original. For example, we have climbers in the form of arrows or scissors, with ornate patterns, in the form of triangles or waves, and much more. Regardless of which model you choose, each of them will look very stylish and attractive! Our assortment will help you to purchase the item to any occasion. It does not matter if you want to choose a jewel for a business suit or an everyday wearing.

Our specialists make each of the items represented in the catalog by hand. This guarantees a high quality of the jewels, because we pay maximum attention to each of them at manufacturing. This is not a mass production, so your jewel will be original and unique in its kind!

Buy Handmade Ear Climbers with no gemstones online

Before buying, you should note the following attributes:

  • Material (it is possibly making of sterling silver or gold filled).
  • Style (for the right or left ear, for both).
  • Quantity of items.

Each item has photos and descriptions, so you can clearly see what this or that jewelry looks like. Please pay attention that we often make discounts (the goods are marked with a red label “Sale”). If you have any questions, please contact us: our support team is working for you!

You can order from us from any country, and we will send you a parcel with delivery.

Floral Ear Climbers: the charm of nature in our collection

Pieces of jewelry, which we present to your attention on this page of our online store Iroocca.com, are the most elegant and delicate among our collection. Floral ear climbers, which you can buy at low prices with delivery all over the world, will help you make your image more sensual and elegant.

We sell only handmade jewels, designed by our specialists. We never copy other people's works and are proud that in our catalog there are only original products created by us with love and care for our customers!

A variety of Floral Ear Climbers

The diversity of natural forms and colors gives our designers a permanent source of inspiration. In the collection you will find items that resemble flowers, flower patterns, stems, petals, etc. This collection is suitable for romantic girls who like a soft feminine style.

Almost every climber has a gemstone, such as:

  • opal,
  • amethyst,
  • lapis lazuli,
  • ruby,
  • turquoise,
  • sapphire and many other gems.

You can choose any you like. On the last photo, each product has a list of all available variants. Please, write in the comment to the order, which one we have to use to create your jewelry.

How to place an Order?

To do this, just add the item to the shopping cart and go there. However, before this, do not forget to specify the following parameters:

  • Material. We use sterling silver and gold filled for making.
  • Style. It is possible to create a jewel for the right ear, for the left ear or for both.
  • Quantity.

Some climbers you can buy with discounts: we often make different offers so that you have the opportunity to purchase your favorite jewelry at reduced prices! We hope that you will like our assortment, we are waiting for you for shopping, and if you have any questions, we are ready to help, just call or email us.

Luxurious Ear Climbers for your special days

Another page of our catalog is another mini collection for beauty admirers! Here you can buy luxurious ear climbers – magnificent handmade pieces of jewelry, made of noble metals according to the sketches of our designers.

They will suit girls who like to stand out from the crowd and want to create an original image. Climbers gained popularity recently, so they are a "fresh stream" and allow you to be different from others. We offer you favorable conditions of purchase, assistance in the choosing of jewelry and delivery to any country.

What are they, luxurious Ear Climbers?

Despite the name, you can wear them every day if it fits your clothes and style. Also they are suitable for going out – to a party, a celebration, a solemn event. Each item in this collection has gemstones that make the jewels elegant and incredible beautiful.

The features of our climbers are as follows:

  • Natural gems, for example, emerald, opal, garnet, onyx and many others. In addition, you can choose any other stone from the last photo on the product page.
  • Creating of metals such as sterling silver, gold filled and rose gold filled. The materials are high-quality, very beautiful and durable.
  • Original shapes and design. We do not like standard, template solutions, so we constantly create something new, unusual and attractive especially for you.
  • Low prices. We know that it is an important factor when choosing jewelry, so we offer you handmade products at a really affordable price. Also, do not miss our discounts, which allows you to get wonderful climbers even cheaper!

Other collections of Ear Climbers and Wraps

In addition to presented on this page, we have many other variants for every taste. Just go to the main catalog and choose! Each item has its own photos from different angles, so you will clearly see how they will look at you.

We are waiting for your orders, questions and feedback!

Sterling Silver Ear Climbers

On the pages of our online store you can buy handmade ear climbers from several types of metals. In this subsection we present only those that are made of sterling silver – a durable and very beautiful material that is easy to clean and will delight you for many years.

The name means that 92.5% of silver is present in the alloy, and the rest is the other metals, most often it’s copper. This combination allows producers to achieve the strength of the product, because pure silver is too soft.

Assortment of the collection

Ear climbers made from sterling silver are distinguished by a soft silver color. You can give it preference if you like it more than gold. In addition, it has bactericidal properties, therefore it is absolutely safe, and moreover it is useful when worn.

These pieces of jewelry look very noble and elegant, but are inexpensive. We offer good discounts for some of them, so stay tuned, because we periodically reduce the prices for this or that item.

On this page you will find wonderful climbers, most of which have gems. Since each jewel we produce by hand after receiving the order from the customer, it will be made according to your wishes.

You should choose, for example:

  • Material: sterling silver or gold filled.
  • Style. Climbers are jewelry, which can be worn only on one ear, as well as on both. That's why we will make an item in right or left style, or in versatile.
  • Quantity.

How to Order on Iroocca.com?

To get more information about jewel, click on the picture or title, and its page will open, where you will find a detailed description and several photos. The last of them presents all available types of gemstones. If you want to buy an item with some of these stones, write its name in the comments to the order.

Then add the jewelry to the cart and place an order. Our customer service is always ready to help you choose the right sterling silver ear climber, so write or call us if you have any questions!

Luxury Gold filled Ear Climbers: for girls who want to look fabulous

Gold filled pieces of jewelry are very beautiful and look noble. Unlike gilding, the material is durable and does not differ from gold in appearance, at the same time it is cheaper. Those advantages made it so popular.

We offer you to buy gold filled ear climbers on this page of the Iroocca.com catalog. Many of our clients is already fond of this kind of earrings, because they are original enough and new, it allows creating stunning images and is suitable for different occasions: holidays, corporate parties, business meetings or for everyday wear.

Features of Gold filled Ear Climbers

We have a large number of various jewels in our assortment, among which every client will find something to her taste. Simple and small or luxurious, fantasy shapes, rectangular or curved climbers; – choose any you like and add to the shopping cart to buy.

Many items are decorated with gemstones. The list of available ones is on the last photo of each jewel, so if you want to get an item with a stone different from the one pictured on the main photo, just write the name in the comment. We will create exactly the jewel that you liked!

By the way, on the page of each item you can also specify the material. We create jewelry from both gold filled and sterling silver. Of course, you can order climbers in different versions: for example, one piece of one material, the second – from another.

How to care for Gold Filled Jewelry?

Special care for this metal is not required. We recommend you keep jewel in a box, upholstered in a soft cloth, to take it off when taking a bath or shower so that it will serve for a long time. You should wipe the climber with a special jewelry napkin or use to clean the spray for gold periodically.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them! We are waiting for your orders and we hope that you will become our regular customer.