Daith Clickers

Daith Clickers

Our online store offers you to buy daith clickers – type of ear piercing jewelry. We have a huge assortment of beautiful daith clickers which you can buy at really low prices.
Daith-piercing is a puncture of the cartilage, which is located directly above the ear canal. Most often they use jewelry in the form of rings, one of them are clickers. It is believed that this kind of puncture heals very quickly and does not cause discomfort during sleep, as the earring is hidden inside the ear. So you do not have to worry about the painful consequences!
Daith clickers are easy enough to put on: a quiet ‘click’ indicates that the ring is closed. So go to the choice of one of the items of our online store, and we will take care of fast delivery!

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What you need to know about daith piercing?

The master makes such a puncture with a needle. The healing time of the wound is from one to six months and depends on your individual characteristics, as well as on the quality of care. Immediately after you got the daith pierced, try to avoid going to the sauna, swimming pool and do not take a hot bath, do not touch the earring with dirty hands, and be sure to wash the wound with a disinfecting solution several times a day.
There is a rumor that daith-piercing can help fight migraine, because there is a special point in this place, and it will be constantly stimulated when it is punctured. We are not sure that this is true, but if it is, it will be a nice bonus, isn't it?
Some wonder if daith clickers can be used for septum. The answer is ‘yes’, most clickers can actually be worn both in the ear and in the nose, if they are the right size. Thus, septum and daith clickers are multifunctional!
In the catalog you will find two varieties of this jewelry:

  • With gemstone. These items are decorated with gem, which you can choose to your taste. All available stones are listed on the page of each product in the last picture. You can also specify the appropriate one in the filters to the left of the product list to narrow the search.
  • Without gemstone. These daith clickers also have decoration, but it is made of metal.

Order daith clickers online

In addition to the gemstone, you need to select a few more parameters before placing an order. These are material, thickness, width, metal color and quantity. We are still working on an online store, so for many items only surgical steel is listed as a material. However, we can also make a jewel of gold filled and sterling silver (if you want one of them, please write about it in the comments to your order). After filling out all the information you can buy daith clickers piercing jewelry with delivery to your country.
Enjoy your shopping!