Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing

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Sapphires Climber Earring

Simple and delicate but very stylish 14k gold filled sapphire ear climber.This can be a perfect gift..


Silver Cartilage Ring with Flower

Elegant sterling silver flower cartilage ring. This can be a perfect gift for you or your bel..


Silver Cartilage Stud with Flower

Simple, delicate and very elegant sterling silver flower cartilage stud earring.This modern and styl..


Silver Helix Stud with 3mm Turquoise

Gorgeous sterling silver turquoise helix stud earring.This is a simple and classic piece of jewelry ..


Stardust Tragus Ring

 Graceful 14k gold filled tragus ring. Every woman needs beauty of timeless tragus ring to..



Surgical Steel Helix Piercing - Tragus ring stud, cartilage earring, conch jewelry

Simple and very elegant surgical steel opal helix barbell.This is a simple and classic pie..


Helix Earring Surgical Steel - Cartilage stud, tragus jewelry, conch piercing barbell

Simple, delicate and very stylish surgical steel cz helix barbell.This simple and beautiful piece of..


Cartilage Earring jewelry - Surgical steel tragus piercing, helix stud barbel

Simple and delicate yet ultra stylish surgical steel cz tragus barbell.This can be a perfect gi..