Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing

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Cartilage Earring Stud - Surgical steel helix piercing, tragus jewelry, conch earring

Simple, delicate and very stylish surgical steel garnet cartilage barbell.This can be a perfect gift..


Cartilage Stud with 2mm Opal

Simple and delicate yet ultra stylish sterling silver opal cartilage stud earring. This gorge..


Conch Earring - 316L Surgical steel cartilage jewelry, forward helix stud earring

This is a very beautiful surgical steel cz conch barbell.This is a simple and classic piece of jewel..


Conch Earring Jewelry - Surgical steel helix earring stud, tragus barbell piercing

Delicate surgical steel cz conch barbell. This can be a perfect gift for you or your beloved ones! I..


Conch Earring jewelry - Surgical steel tragus piercing, helix stud barbell

Gorgeous surgical steel opal conch barbell.This is a simple and classic piece of jewelry for everyda..


Conch Earring Stud Surgical Steel - Cartilage barbell, tragus piercing stud

Simple and delicate but very stylish surgical steel opal conch barbell.This simple and beautiful pie..