Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing

Here you can buy ear piercing jewelry online: various earrings for women and men. In our online store you’ll find cheap and cool ear piercing jewelry at affordable prices!
Ear piercing is the most popular body modification procedure in the world. In many countries at different times it was an integral part of various rituals: this was how they showed their position, belonging to certain social or religious groups, etc. Today ear piercing is a simple and affordable way to express your individuality and beautify your appearance.
Our online store specializes in the creating and sale of piercing jewelry and accessories. An important place is occupied by items for the ears. We have a huge assortment of unique ear piercing jewelry earrings of all basic types for women and men for every taste. Let's take a look at it!

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Tragus Ring - Sterling Silver either or Rose Gold filled or Gold filled – PN0051P

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Tragus Stud - Surgical Steel – PN0023SSH

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Tragus Stud with 2mm Blue Opal gemstone - Surgical Steel – PN0043SSH

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Tragus Stud with 2mm Emerald gemstone - Sterling Silver or Gold filled – PN0245P

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Tragus Stud with 2mm Green Opal gemstone - Surgical Steel – PN0019SSH

Buy online this is delicate Tragus Stud with 2mm Green Opal gemstone, made from high quality 316L St..


Tragus Stud with 2mm Light Blue CZ gemstone - Surgical Steel – PN0025SSH

Buy online this is delicate Tragus Stud with 2mm Light Blue CZ gemstone, made from high quality 316L..


Ear Piercing from IROOCCA - beauty near me
High-quality handmade Ear Piercing

Ear piercing jewelry: types

This section has the following categories:

  • Ear climber earrings
  • Tragus piercing
  • Helix/Cartilage piercing
  • Conch piercing
  • Daith piercing
  • Rook piercing
  • Industrial barbells

Each category has its range, which you can see by going to the desired section. Both on this page and on the page of each category there are convenient filters with the help of which you can quickly select ear piercing accessories and jewelry by the required parameters.
For example, you can choose the metal (surgical steel, sterling silver or gold filled), its color, the thickness of the item, for some of them – the length and other options. All this is designed to help you quickly find exactly what you want, and not waste your time! We are also always in touch for you, ready to answer any questions and help with the selection.

Features of our ear jewelry

  • Large selection and continuous replenishment of the range. Our masters are constantly engaged in the development of new products in accordance with fashion trends. We often add new positions and are always ready to create something special for you!
  • High quality ear piercing jewelry. We use only the best materials: high-quality metals and durable gemstones.
  • Beautiful design. With us you will never find boring design solutions! We have extensive experience in creating handmade jewelry and accessories, so the catalog contains only unique and cute ear piercing jewelry.
  • Various options. As we said above, you have a lot of options to choose from. Due to this, you will receive a one-of-a-kind item that fits you perfectly on all points.
  • Reasonable prices. We set low prices for ear piercing jewelry so that customers with any budget can buy them. In addition, we often make discounts on certain models, hold promotions and give cool gifts!

Ear piercing aftercare

We recommend that you choose surgical steel as the material of the earrings for the first few months after the piercing procedure. It is the most hypoallergenic, hygienic and easy to clean. After the puncture finally heals, you can use ear piercing earrings made of any materials.
To make the healing process as fast as possible, you need to follow these universal rules:

  • A week or two after piercing, do not go to the pool, bath, sauna, do not swim in open water.
  • Keep your hair from falling on the wound.
  • Change the pillowcase twice a week.
  • Avoid contacting the wound with any objects, such as headphones.
  • At least twice a day, treat the skin with antiseptic preparations that your master will advise you.
  • If you experience severe pain, pus and other signs of infection a week after the procedure or later, contact your doctor immediately.

To order ear piercing jewelry in our online shop, add it to your cart and complete your purchase. We wish you a pleasant shopping!