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Piercing Jewelry

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Piercing Jewelry: buy online beautiful items

People have always sought to decorate their body with clothes, tattoos or jewelry. Along with the other piercing has long been one of the brightest ways to express person’s individuality. Modern designers offer a variety of solutions, but the best pieces of piercing jewelry are those that are made by hand. Online Store Iroocca.com is a place where you will find many exciting items for different parts of your body. You can order piercing jewelry online for any country and city at affordable prices. Welcome to our catalog!

Varieties of body piercing jewelry

For your convenience, this section is divided into subsections, so you can quickly find the item you need. You can also use a filter at the top of the page.
We have 8 subsections here:

  • nose rings,
  • nose studs,
  • septum rings,
  • tragus rings,
  • tragus studs,
  • cartilage/helix,
  • nipple rings,
  • for men.

Some of them are versatile and can be used for the ears, nose and other body parts. Each piece is unique and different from others. Talented and experienced masters develop and manufacture those jewels in our studio, and our customers are proud to wear them. We believe that you will be satisfied too with our assortment and design of each piece of jewelry in our catalog!

Handmade piercing rings and studs

Repetition work destroys the beauty and individuality, and in fact the jewelry – it is something private, even intimate. That’s why we believe that it must be made by hand with love and care.
Of course, not only the beauty is important, but also the quality. All our products are made of high quality materials such as sterling silver or gold filled, and you can wear them for many years.
In addition to the metal, you can choose the gemstones that decorate the jewels. Among the photos to each position there is a photo of gemstones, so look and order the one that suits you by color and feelings.

How to order?

Every item has photos from different angles and detailed descriptions. You should choose some options on the product page, like material or diameter, and then add position to card. You can also see all prices of the piercing jewelry in general catalog or on the item page. Other conditions of purchase, delivery and payment you can find on the relevant pages. If you have questions or suggestions, please call or write to us at any time convenient for you. We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation and look forward to your orders!

Size Guide

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