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Women’s earrings: buy handmade jewelry online

Since ancient times, the classic complement to the women’s image is jewelry, which is worn on the ears. In our online store Iroocca.com you can order handmade earrings by choosing a suitable items from the catalog on this page. We are a studio that makes jewelry with high quality metals and beautiful gemstones. In this section of the catalog you will find a large assortment of fashion earrings for every taste and budget!

Buy earrings for usual and especial days

A large number of items of different shapes, styles, sizes is available on this page. Here you will find small and large hoops, drops and studs, jewels with or without gemstones, simple or luxurious, and many others. Affordable prices for earrings allow you to buy not just one but several pairs for different occasions. Choose the material:

  • sterling silver
  • gold filled
  • rose gold filled

Almost every item can be made of silver or gold filled, and some of them – of rose gold filled. This option is available on each page of the jewels. In addition, if in the earrings was originally provided the gemstone, you can choose not only the one is presented on the main photo. View the last picture – it contains all the gems, which we use for our jewelry (garnet, topaz, sapphire, opal, ruby etc.). Write in the comment to the order, which you like more, and get the item with it!

Why you should buy our beautiful earrings?

The first reason is that they are very, very beautiful, of course! Men may say: "Pff, all the jewels are, and your are no different." But women understand that this is not true. We are sure that jewelry should not be wholesale. They should be something only your own, unique. That’s why we do what we do, that’s why we affirm: handwork is really beautiful and original, unlike to stamped jewels from the factories. Each item that you see in the catalog was designed and made with warmth and love. They will help you to create gorgeous images for everyday’s wearing, for parties, high days, weddings and other celebrations.

Make your order right now!

Add to cart items that you like, and go there to place an order. Perhaps you are interested in jewels at discounted prices? We often do attractive offers to our dear customers, so check the catalog updates. We hope you will enjoy our assortment! Call or email us if you have questions or suggestions, make purchases and necessarily come back to us again!

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