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Fashion bracelets for women: buy jewelry for every day

The bracelet is a piece of jewelry that is worn on the hand. It is often the final touch in creating the image; it allows to add a highlight in it and to draw attention to you.
If you want to buy this jewelry for yourself or as a gift, welcome to our catalog! In our online store Iroocca.com you will find a lot of delicate and charming bracelets at affordable prices with different gemstones, of different colors and sizes.
The main feature our items is that they are all made by hand. So, buying from us you get the original jewelry, made on a professional level with a lot of love!

Our catalog of handmade bracelets

There are the following subsections:

  • featured
  • beaded
  • bar bracelets
  • gemstone
  • simple/minimalism
  • luxurious
  • bohemian
  • rainbow
  • sterling silver
  • gold filled

Choose the appropriate subcategory or use our filter at the top of the page to find your ideal items. We regularly replenish the catalog with new positions, we also offer good discounts and the ability to choose different variations of each piece of jewelry.
Handwork is always appreciated more because it is not for the mass market, and it is created in an individual copy especially for you. But if many other studios set too high prices, we want to make our jewels available to everyone!

Materials and gems for our bracelets

Each item of this catalog page may be made of two materials:

  • sterling silver
  • gold filled

You should choose the one you prefer before add the jewel to cart. Besides, you should mark a suitable length, gemstone and its color (in some cases).
To create some gold and sterling silver bracelets, we can use different gemstones. In this case, at the last photo on the item page will be a list of stones, and you need to write in the comments which one you want.

How to order the bracelet?

  1. Pick one or more jewels.
  2. Mark all the parameters (material, stone, length and quantity).
  3. Click the "Add to Cart".
  4. Go there and place your order.

As you can see, it is very simple and fast. We can deliver your purchase almost to any place of the world. And if suddenly the item does not suit you, you can exchange it for a new one without any problems!
We are always ready to help you with the choice and answer all your questions. Contact us by email or call; join us in social networks and follow daily updates not to miss the news and discounts! We are hope you enjoy our fashion bracelets and the other items from the catalog!

Size Guide

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  1. Earrings gauge (thickness)
  2. Earrings diameter (size)