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Handmade accessories

Welcome to the new section of our online store, where are presented cool handmade accessories. We were preparing for the creation of our new collections for a long time, and finally we present them to you! Here you can buy exclusive watch bands and bracelets of different styles, and the assortment will be constantly updated with new models and positions.
As you can see, Iroocca.com is expanding, and we are not planning to stop. Our designers work on new products and offer new ideas all the time, and many of them are implemented here. Sincerely hope that you will like this section!

Varieties of handmade accessories

Now we have for sale these two stunning collections:

  • Beaded Watch Bands,
  • Leather Watch Bands.

Later we will add here different types of bracelets (patchwork, car, studded), key fobs and much more. In the collections there are watch bands for both women and men, some of them will suit teenagers and even children.
Here you can easily find a good gift for your loved ones, for example, exclusive Apple watch strap, choosing the one you like in any suitable color. You buy the usual bands for the same price, the similar and uninteresting, which are worn by thousands of people. So it is much better to get a quality handmade product that will be only yours or the addressee’s of your gift!

How do we do this?

Yes, absolutely all accessories exhibited in the online store are made by hand, and we do it ourselves. Many companies like us are setting up factory production, continuing to pretend that these goods are handmade, but we will never do that: every item is done by the hands of our employees, who put up a part of themselves in this work.
That is why people like these things! They are real, warm, made with love and care, and these are not just the words. We started this business with this idea, and we continue to implement it to this day.
All our accessories we make from high quality materials, beautiful, wear-resistant and durable (with good handling, of course). Each item has several photos so you can look at them from all sides. If there are several colors available for the item, you can see them on the last picture and choose the one that suits you in the commentary.

Handmade apple watch band – best accessories for you

Let’s say a few words about accessories for the Apple Watch. Each of us is definitely know this brand; many people are its fans for the highest quality products, the latest technology and original design solutions.
Since the Apple watch is very popular all over the world, we decided to do handmade straps for them. So fans of the products of this corporation will also find here accessories to your liking! The appearance of the presented straps corresponds to the quality of the watch itself, so you will wear it with pride!

How to buy handmade accessories from us?

Click on the photo of the item you like. Enter the page, mark all the required parameters, for example, the length of the bracelet and the size of the adapter, add it to the shopping cart and go there to make the purchase. If there are available different colors, write in the comments to the order what color you want. Place an order and wait – we will contact you soon for confirmation.
We have a delivery in any country, so wherever you are – boldly make your order, and it will be delivered to you as quickly as possible. Also we help our customers to address any issues related to the purchase, so in case of problems, please contact us. We always make advances to our clients!
In the store there are always offered favorable discounts, so do not miss your favorite accessories at a reduced price. We also invite you to join us in social networks!

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