How can clothing emphasize your breast?

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the best type of clothing for your breast size

To wear or not to wear: the best type of clothing for your breast size

Clothing can help women make their breast look more attractive. In any case, you should always take into consideration your breast size and its shape when you buy clothes. In this article we will discuss some useful tips which can help you choose the best type of clothing in accordance with your breast size.

Some women, who have small breast, want to make it larger, at least visually. And at the same time there are shy girls with big breast who are eager to reduce its size. Here are a number of tips that will make your breast look ideal.

Tips for those who have small breast

If you have small breast, you should choose the tops which will emphasize your shoulders and arms. You will also look good wearing tops with an open back. Blouses and printed shirts will look great on you. But at the same time you should avoid wearing blouses and sweaters with a deep cutout. Instead, you should opt for shirts and blouses with ruffles, pockets and drapes around the bust. If you want to create the illusion of large breast, you should think about wearing clothes of metallic colors. We also recommend you wearing corsets. If you like dresses, it’s better to choose the Empire style dresses and dresses with an open back. Stay away from the dresses which are too loose or too narrow. They will look bad on you. You can make your breast look more attractive with the help of nipple piercing. This unusual type of body decoration will not only attract men’s attention but will also give you the sense of self-confidence. The consultants of our website are always ready to help you choose a refine piece of jewelry such as a nipple clicker hoop for everyday wear or for some special occasions.

Tips for those who have large breast

If you have big breast it’s better not to wear clothes that are too tight. This type of clothes will just make your breasts look bigger and draw unnecessary attention to them. Instead, just wear clothes that fit you, neither too loose nor too tight. Your style will become more elegant if you wear shirts and blouses with a U- or V-neck. At the same time you shouldn’t wear clothes made of dense and tight materials. If you want to wear a tight blouse, it is better to choose a model with some frills in the area of breast and on the collar. To make your image perfect you can put on a jacket. You should not wear a spaghetti strap (thin rope) with a dress; otherwise it will visually make your breast and shoulders bigger.


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