Simple ways to enlarge your breast

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Simple ways to enlarge your breast

Clothes which make your breast look better

If you belong to a lucky type of women whose breast is large enough and of a beautiful shape you should take proud of it. But what about those girls who buy a bra with a cup size A, and have tiny breast? First of all, everything is not so bad for them! They should remember that there are lots of special tricks which can help them emphasize the merits and hide the flaws of their small breast. One of the tricks is to pierce nipples. Since the procedure girls start feeling more confident and self-assured. The best jewelry for your nipple piercing such as beautiful nipple rings decorated with gemstones varied in color you can buy on our website.


Let's reveal the secret: how to enlarge breast with the help of clothes

There are two ways to make your breast visually larger with the help of clothes. The first way is to increase the contrast between your breast and your waist. The second way is to make your breast larger. Let’s try to combine these two methods in order to achieve the best result.

Make your waist thinner

You can rarely find an ideal figure that resembles an hourglass. That’s why women invent different tricks to make their waists thinner. They choose cinched or high-waisted clothing items to give their bodies a more fitted shape. Another popular way is to emphasize your waist with a strap. It is better to choose a wide belt, the color of which will be at least several tones darker than clothing. You can also wear a special belt under your clothes or a corset that will visually enlarge your breast (women did the same thing a couple of centuries ago and the result was excellent). However, you should spend less time comparing your body to those of other women and more time appreciating your body for exactly the way it is.


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