What is a classic piercing

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Body art today is a very broad and heterogeneous area, especially when it comes to fashion jewelry. One of the oldest and most popular of its varieties is piercing for men and women. On the one hand, most piercings are pierced by the technology and the laws that originated back to the primitive times. However, on the other - the scope of the modification of bodies and faces are constantly evolving, presenting to fans of piercing something new. The new is cheap nose ring hoops or nose studs, for example.

What is a classic piercing

What is considered to be classic piercing familiar to each of us? The first is ear piercing, which has nothing unusual, and earrings in lobes wear girls in kindergarten. Not far from it are gone a piercing in the cartilage of the ear and that's why are so popular cartilage earrings. Names like Helix and industrial piercing are hearing from many young people. 20 gauge nose hoop or 22g nose ring allow to demonstrate personality and outrageous look much wider, to find a kind of freedom of expression.

Pierce a nose and become sexier

The girl's preferences gravitate to the beautiful navel women piercing, which has long been a part of the fashion industry. Virtually none of the known model or a show star is complete without decorating a tummy with fashion jewelry. A variety of beautiful jewelry for the tummy piercing encourages young ladies to decorate their body that way. It can be the silver jewelry or gold one.

Fashionable types of piercing for freedom of expression

Of course, we must remember that this kind of intimate piercings should be created by a professional. Any piercing idea, be it a small nose ring or a 20 gauge nose hoop on the face or on different parts of the body, it requires experience, control, and care during the formation and wounds healing process. And about mens piercings. Guys, deciding to pierce the skin on the penis, are often faced with difficulties of a physiological nature, if the channel is healing with complications. That is why it is so important to trust only those who have passed a special training and received the relevant license to operate.

The fashion for piercing lips and nose continues to keep up the momentum. Their peculiarity is that, along with the simplicity of execution, it makes the look of a young girl or boy more exclusive, but not too shocking. The surrounding perceives this piercing as a part of the look. Today you can choose whatever you want, from a flower nose ring to an opal nose ring or even fake nose ring. Go to our jewelry catalog and buy your favorite trendy jewelry!


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