Cabbage makes your breast bigger, doesn’t it?

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Cabbage makes your breast bigger, doesn’t it?

Breast augmentation and eating cabbage – is there any relation?

There are lots of discussions about cabbage and its positive effect on a female breast size. Anyway, specialists agree that this vegetable contains plenty of useful elements, vitamins and other components.


That is why if you eat it regularly, it might improve not only the general condition of your breast but your well-being in general. It can be easily explained by the presence of vitamins C and E, which strengthen the general state of immunity and support the female hormones. Moreover, mammologists claim that this vegetable can protect us from some neoformations, as well as from developing mastopathy. That is why cabbage is so often used as a basis for applications when you have some pain and other specific feelings. Vitamins B and PP are also important as they are considered to be natural regulators associated with metabolism.

It is important to pay attention to the fact that:

  • all these components have an excellent tonic effect;
  • cabbage helps slow down all the processes that are associated with the natural aging of your breast and skin.

Speaking about trace elements, it is necessary to say that they are contained in cabbage in a significant amount. We should mention potassium, which affects the quality of skin and helps to remove excess water from your body. Due to this, it becomes possible to improve the integral structure of the mammary gland. In addition, cabbage is rich in iodine and iron, which improve and tone up the skin condition. Another important component contained in cabbage is fiber which is unique as it makes the process of metabolism more active and as a result helps you loose weight faster. Phytohormones are also found in cabbage. They are excellent antioxidants and they have a beneficial effect on the mammary glands. Experts also point out that the most significant amount of phytohormones is found in the cauliflower.

Special attention is given to how exactly this product should be used. The overall improvement of the mammary glands will depend on it, as well as the improvement of the body.

How to use cabbage

The best thing about cabbage is that you can use it in almost any condition: from raw to boiled, steamed to fried. At the same time, the ratio of useful properties and, accordingly, components does not change. Specialists claim that you should eat cabbage raw at least once a day, for example in salads. In order to increase the degree of efficiency, it is strongly recommended to use other vegetables, such as greens, cucumbers, etc.

However, you should remember that a large amount of any product can be harmful and even destructive for your health. So, it is extremely necessary to keep track the amount of cabbage you eat.

Moreover, experts pay attention to the fact that:

  • You should eat stewed cabbage not oftener than two times a week;
  • The excess amount of sauerkraut can have a negative effect on your body.

We should also mention that cabbage can be used not only for eating but for making different kinds of applications. They may consist of cabbage itself, but may also include additional components such as honey. They say cabbage applications are effective after the nipple piercing procedure. Don’t trust these unprofessional recommendations! Always follow your doctor or piercer’s instructions. However, if you are looking for a new nipple piercing decoration, such as nipple barbells, come to our website. Our consultants are always ready to help you.


Speaking about additional features, it is important to mention that vitamin supplements and various mineral components might have a positive effect on your breast size. But before using these supplements, it is strongly recommended to consult a breast specialist.


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