Breast and nipple discharge – what to do?

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Some possible causes

Breast discharge – some possible causes

The external secretion glands are arranged in such a way that the secretion released by them is excreted outside the body. It often happens that women turn to a mammologist, complaining about discharge from their breast that appears when pressed. Let's find out if this is a really worrying symptom or not.



Possible causes of discharge from the mammary glands

Normally, there should be no liquid substances coming out from breast, except the ones which appear during the breastfeeding period. But if this is not the case, you need to know why deviations might arouse. The causes of excretion from the mammary glands when pressed are different - from a small hormonal disorder to a serious disease:

  1. Pregnancy. From the very first weeks, a woman who is expecting a baby can notice that something has changed in her mammary glands. Breast discharge is usually whitish or yellowish. This is normal and does not require any treatment. However, doctors recommend women take out (temporarily take off) nipple piercing if they have one. But, if you are still looking for an ideal jewelry for your nipple piercing – visit our website. We offer the best jewelry at the best price
  2. Feeding. Another most natural reason of breast discharge is lactation. However, a woman shouldn’t worry: after she finishes the process of breastfeeding, hormones will stabilize and discharge will stop.
  3. Mastitis. In the process of breastfeeding greenish discharge from the mammary glands can be observed under pressure. This is a warning symptom and the best thing a woman can do is to visit a doctor.
  4. Galactorhea. Some women might face a problem when the level of lactation hormone increases in their body. It often happens if a woman is taking hormonal contraceptives or if she has some problems with thyroid. The best advice is to see a doctor.
  5. Mastopathy. This disease is more susceptible to women of childbearing age. The discharge from the mammary glands under pressure may be transparent or greenish (yellow). Treatment of the disease is administered by gynecologists. Most often this is hormone therapy.
  6. Trauma. In case woman has had some breast injuries she can notice clear discharge even mixed with blood. A woman should turn to a doctor immediately.
  7. Benign neoplasm. Brown or bloody discharge from the mammary glands when pressed should get any woman’s attention. After a histological examination of the material taken, doctors make a decision as for what kind of treatment to choose.

In the end, we’d like to say that any woman despite the age and social status should always take care of her health and visit a doctor if she has even the slightest reason for concern.


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